Lever Self Guided Implementation Schedule


This Lever Self Guided Implementation Schedule (the “Implementation Schedule”) is subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement made between the Customer and Lever, Inc. (“Lever”).

1. Description of Services.

1.1. Project Summary. Lever will provide Customer with access to the implementation resources with the required support to perform the tasks described in the Implementation Schedule. 

1.2. Project Objectives. Subject to the risks, assumptions and dependencies set forth in the SOW, Lever will provide Customer with the interactive tool to accomplish the following objectives:

- Provide resources for best practices with configuration using the Lever platform
- Training tailored to different types of Customer users
- Completion of end-to-end user acceptance testing via a step-by-step guide
- Switch Customer career site to be hosted on the Lever Services
- Importation of legacy Customer Data confirmed by Customer

2. Project Detail

2.1. Project Scope. Lever’s Implementation Programs are designed to meet the Customer needs based on the size of their team, organization complexity, and the Lever products and services being implemented. The Lever Self Guided Package includes a collection of services offered by Lever as Implementation Services to identify configuration activities, support the configuration and setup of Lever Platforms, process legacy ATS data, conduct product training, provide expert product advice, tools for project management, resources for internal facilitation of user acceptance testing, provide launch preparation, go-live, and post production support all anchored in Lever’s implementation methodology.

2.1.1. The Lever Self Guided Implementation is a comprehensive program of content designed to allow Customers to configure the Customer instance of the Lever Services quickly. Lever will provide the Customer with an interactive tool which will direct Customer through the essential activities that Customer will perform including:

- Configuration activities
- Data Import of legacy data pre-formatted by Customer in Lever’s standard csv template
- In-product walkthroughs for platform training
- Review of expert advice and best practices through Lever Launchpad (www.launchpad.lever.co)

All tasks will be outlined in a task focused project plan and each training will be via online resources. Any questions will be answered via a help ticket or through our Live Chat option. The Self Guided Implementation also includes access to the Lever Launchpad providing Customer access to documented configuration and workflow best practices during and post implementation. 

2.2. Deliverable and Responsible Party.

Lever and customer will perform the following tasks during the Implementation:



Deliverable Detail

Responsible Party



Self Guided Implementation

Configuration Checklist

Checklist of setup and configuration activities to be performed within Lever by the Customer team as part of the Configuration phase of Lever



Self Guided Implementation

Configuration Tasks

Completion of configuration checklist items



Self Guided Implementation

Training Plan

Development of training plan for the core and extended Customer team



Self Guided Implementation

Training Content and Delivery

Prepare Lever standard training materials for Customer use. Conduct training sessions for Customer user groups.



Self Guided Implementation

Guided Training

Ownership of reading and watching required training videos and help articles as defined by Implementation Specialist



Self Guided Implementation

Internal documentation

Create internal documentation for long term scalability with Lever



Self Guided Implementation

Lever Hire Launch

Deployment of Lever Hire via cutover of career site which is integrated to Lever Hire. Support final cutover activities and communication to Customer team. Disable access to Legacy ATS.



Self Guided Implementation

Change Messaging Plan

Delivery of Change Management plan, inclusive of stakeholder segmentation and segment-specific messaging purpose, timing, message templates and custom collateral.



2.3. Estimated Timeline. 


Weeks from Project Start Date


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4





Systems Integration & Career Site


Launch Preparation


Self Training




Projected go live date for a Lever Self Guided Implementation Package is one (1) to four (4) weeks from the Effective Date of the Order Form.

 2.4. Project Completion

2.4.1. The project is complete when Customer has completed the following tasks:

The product has been configured in implementation
Customer has trained intended audiences 
The career site has been switched to Lever
The legacy data has been imported if applicable

3. Location. Lever will provide access to the interactive tool. Requests by Customer for Lever to provide Professional Services remote or on site will require a new Order Form

4. Governance.

4.1. Customer will be required to provide resources for the implementation project to complete all configuration tasks. At times these resources may be filled by the same person:

4.1.1. Resources

Role Type




Core Project Team

Executive Stakeholder


  • Advocate for the project and be active in the promotion of the outcomes the implementation is intended to produce
  • Respond to escalated issues/risks within 2 business days
  • Disseminate communications as assigned to support Change Management

Implementation Lead, Customer Project Owner


  • Decision maker
  • Internal project manager 
  • Change management specialist
  • Complete configuration tasks, or assign internal owner
  • Sign off on User Acceptance Testing
  • Coordinate training with additional internal stakeholders
  • Configure all relevant integrations 
  • Configure and own data import

Recruiting SMEs


  • Participation in implementation as a subject matter expertise for recruiting, sourcing, and hiring practices
  • Complete configuration tasks as assigned
  • Participate in User Acceptance Testing
  • Attend training
  • Facilitate and deliver training for the recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers they represent

Technical Resource


Email sync validation

Web Developer


  • Responsible for the development and testing of Customer career sites
  • Integration of Customer career sites with Lever via the redirect link or  the Lever Job Postings API


 4.2 Communication

4.2.1 Project Reporting Customer will have immediate access to an up-to-date project plan with dates and dependencies for each project milestone Targeted communication will be sent with details about next steps, outstanding items and project status

4.2.2. Project Meetings All trainings will be on-demand sessions

4.3. Escalation Protocol

4.3.1. Change Control. 

The Customer Operations Lead is responsible for identifying and escalating issues and risks with a high impact to scope, budget, timeline, resourcing, or the general success of the project. Once such issue or risk has been identified, the Core Project Team shall determine if a Change Request is needed to modify the SOW. If a change to the SOW is required, both Parties agree to use the Change Request Form Exhibit B for documenting and approving the change.

The Change Request Form must be submitted formally in writing via email to the Lever Engagement Manager and Customer Executive Stakeholder who will then have two (2) business days to review the proposed change described in the Change Request Form and mutually approve and agree to be bound by it. Delays in timely review and disposition of Change Requests may result in delay of the overall project. Work described in the Change Request will not be performed until both parties have approved the change in writing.

Lever will be responsible for tracking the status of each Change Request by submitted, in review, approved or rejected. 

5. Fees. There is no additional cost for a Self Guided implementation, it is included in the price of the annual contract. In consideration for the Professional Services, Customer agrees to pay Lever at the rates set forth in the additional Order Form if applicable. 

6. Assumptions.

6.1. Deployment timeline is based on Lever’s good faith understanding of the amount of time a Customer allocating the resources described in this Schedule will require to deploy the Services using the resources provided to Customer. 

6.2. If the project start date is delayed by Customer for any reason Customer understands that Lever’s ability to staff the engagement and/or meet the estimated duration and completion date could be at risk.

6.3. If Customer cannot make necessary resources available or meet set completion dates for reviews and milestones, Lever reserves the right to revisit and revise the project's estimated costs, completion date and approach to completing the project.



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