How do I enable and use the Betts Recruiting integration?

Available for User Roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Packages Select Lever packages

The Betts Recruiting integration with Lever submits candidates that have accepted a pitch request from Betts Connect to the linked candidate opportunity in Lever. With the integration enabled, the progress of these candidates is monitored as they move through the hiring stages and updates Betts Connect with these changes.

Enable the Integration between Betts and Lever

Note: User must be a Super Admin to complete the below steps 

In Betts:

 1. To begin, select “Integrate ATS” from the menu in the upper right corner menu of your Betts Connect account.


2. From the ATS Integration menu, select “Lever”.


3. The top portion of the Lever configuration page has three input fields and one output field. Please see the "In Lever" section below for instructions on obtaining the Lever API Key and Lever Webhook Signature Token inputs


In Lever:

1. Navigate to the Integrations and API page in Lever Settings

2. In the Partner Integrations tab, locate Betts Recruiting in the list, click on the integration toggle to expand the card, and click the "Generate new key"  button. Copy the API key and keep it somewhere safe. This is the one and only time that this API key will be accessible. If you lose the key, you can disable the integration toggle, and repeat these steps again.

3. Generate Webhook signing Token on the Webhooks tab, copy and save in a safe space

4. On the same Webhooks tab, ensure that the Betts Connect webhook URL (obtain from Betts Connect) has been added accordingly for the following 3 events:

  • Candidate stage changed
  • Candidate hired
  • Archive stages

Using the integration between Betts Recruiting and Lever

1. Ensure the enablement steps above are completed. 

2. When creating a new job or editing an existing job in Betts Connect, you can link to a Lever job. The dialog will allow you to scroll or search Lever Jobs.


3. Next, candidates that have accepted a pitch request from Betts Connect will be linked to the correct candidate Opportunity in Lever.

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