How do I use Data Warehouse Sync (Overview)?

Available for User roles All users with Data Warehouse access
Packages Select Lever packages

Data Warehouse Sync (DWS) enables you to download a complete copy of your raw Lever data. This allows you to analyze and report on your data using a business intelligence tool, a self-hosted data warehouse, or other reporting infrastructure. It is a powerful and robust option to access all of your data and use it in the way that works best for you. With DWS, you can report on and visualize your data, empowering your teams to hire the right people efficiently.

What does DWS do?

DWS provides you with direct access to your Lever data. You are provided with credentials to access the database where reporting data is stored. These credentials are used to extract a full copy of the reporting data, once per day. Once you have extracted the data, you can store, manipulate, and report on that data in whatever way works best for you. To get an idea of the extent of the information that is available via DWS, please check out our schema documentation

What does DWS not do?

DWS is a powerful tool, but it does have limitations. Please be aware of the following details on DWS:

  • It is not a managed data warehouse hosted by Lever. You must copy, host, and manage your data.
  • It does not support direct or live queries. Athena is a serverless query service, but it is prohibitively resource intensive for DWS to support live querying via Athena. You must first copy your data into your own infrastructure and then query that copied data.
  • It is not a tool that assists in building reports.
  • It is not for activity tracking, real-time analytics, or hourly syncs. Data is refreshed every 24 hours. You may copy your data once per day. Attempting to use complex queries to extract data via the Athena connection, or attempting to do multiple extracts per day, may result in throttling.

Who is DWS for?

DWS can help provide valuable insights into your data if:

  • You have a dedicated resource or team that can extract SQL-ready data and build reports
  • You have pre-existing reporting infrastructure or business intelligence solution 

If you don’t have these resources readily available, you may want to consider Lever Talent Intelligence for advanced talent analytics.

What are some use cases for DWS?

By providing you with a copy of your own reporting data that you fully control, it enables certain use-cases that may not be possible with other reporting solutions. The following scenarios are possible with DWS:

  • You want to join your Lever data with other data sources, like a performance management tool or HRIS
  • You need to build highly specialized reports that apply to your specific business case
  • You need to build anonymized or de-identified reports for security, compliance, or privacy

Can I use Lever's DWS today?

Please reach out to Lever Support and ask about Lever's Data Warehouse Sync. 

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