Where did auto-screening go?

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Auto-screening questions moved from Job Postings and becoming a part of Automation Workflows in the Spring 2020 Release. Click here to learn more about Automation Workflows!


If you've already had Auto-Screening rules set up in your account prior to May 11th, 2020, you'll see your existing rules shown in the Automation Workflows space. Head to the Automation workflows page in your Lever account. You can get to this space by clicking "More"->"Automation" in the top navigation bar of your account. 


Your existing Auto-screening Rules have been placed into Automation Workflows already! You're able to disable, edit, or delete those workflows directly from this space instead of in Job Postings.


What's New? 

The functionality will remain the same as it was in Auto-screen, but the view will be updated to work inside of automation workflows.

Auto-screen (Old) Automation Workflows (New) Functionality

Custom Question in Job Posting

Trigger (When this happens...) The event that triggers the rule to begin.
Rule Condition (Continue if...) The criterion(a) that must be met in order for the action to execute.
Then Do This... Action (Do this...) The action that takes places when the trigger and condition(s) are satisfied.


Replicating an Auto-screening Rule in Automation Workflows:

Choose the Trigger (When this happens...) as Application form submitted.

Add the Condition (Continue if...), which was previously the Rule in Auto-screening.

Then, add an Action (Do this...).


You can automatically archive, email, and tag candidates based on how they respond to questions. Save time by eliminating unqualified candidates while also categorizing high-interest candidates with Automation Workflows!

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