How do I connect and copy data via Data Warehouse Sync?

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Connecting to Lever's Data Warehouse Sync (DWS) and extracting data provides you with a full copy of your Lever data. If you are interested in building your reports using your own infrastructure, DWS is for you. To get started please reach out to Lever Customer Support and ask about the Data Warehouse Sync functionality. 


Using DWS requires a little bit of leg work on your end. In order to use DWS, you will need:

  • A place to store your Lever data. This can be your business intelligence tool (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, or any other tool with a data mart), your own data warehouse, or some other data repository that you can use to store and access data.
  • The ability to copy your Lever data to your desired storage location.
  • A dedicated resource to manage the copying and storing of data and build reports.

If you do not meet these requirements, you can check out Lever's other analytics options:

  • In-app reports: pre-built, exportable, ready to use, real-time reports, right in your Lever instance.
  • Lever Talent Intelligence: an advanced consultative reporting solution built on Tableau that allows you to dig deeper into your data.

How to connect and copy data

Lever provides access to your data via AWS Athena. Your data is stored in AWS S3 in parquet files. To start copying your data, you need to establish a connection between your business intelligence tool (or other data storage location) and Lever's DWS via Athena. 

The following guides walk through connecting to DWS:

Connect to Data Warehouse Sync using ODBC

Connect to Data Warehouse Sync using DBeaver

The following guides provide a high-level overview of how to copy data, as well as a specific example using PowerBI:

Copy data via Data Warehouse Sync

 If you are having issues connecting or copying data, check out common causes of connection issues here:

Common Connection Issues for Data Warehouse Sync

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