Customer Guide: Recruiting Best Practices During COVID-19


Always be recruiting. During times like these, that phrase is tested. However, if you’re an organization that believes humans are at the core of every thriving business, like Lever believes, now is more important than ever to invest in recruiting. Organizations that are continually building their recruiting capabilities, even during a slowdown, are able to quickly rebound and fill their strategic roles quickly when things heat up again. We’ve put together a list of ways to supercharge your recruiting practices today, so that you’re positioned to attract the talent you need tomorrow.

  1. Reconfigure tags and hiring sources
  2. Tidy your recruiting pipeline
  3. Cultivate talent pools
  4. Transform recruiting playbooks
  5. Revamp your processes
  6. Design a world-class candidate experience
  7. Build recruiter skill-sets
  8. Train interviewers and hiring managers
  9. Redesign and build recruiting programs
  10. Establish your employee and talent brand
  11. Focus on the data

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