How do I use the Candidate Experience Survey?

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Tracking & improving candidate experience is an important part of optimizing an interview process to improve offer acceptance. Candidate experience is also a critical part of employer brand, and important when sourcing or attempting to fill a pipeline. Lever's Candidate Experience Survey allows you to create a customizable survey, automatically send to candidates, and collect candidate responses. Identify teams, departments, or interview stages that have room to improve, and track progress over time.

Where can I find the Candidate Experience survey?

Lever's Candidate Experience Survey feature is located under Settings -> Company -> Surveys tab. Visit your Surveys settings to configure the Candidate Experience survey. 

Configuring the survey


You can configure your Candidate Experience survey in three easy steps! Begin the configuration process by clicking on "Configure survey" next to the gear icon.

1. Questions

This is where you will create the questionnaire that is presented to candidates. There is a default survey already configured, but it is highly recommended that you edit the survey so that the information gathered will be relevant to your company's candidate experience efforts.


Lever's Candidate Experience survey currently only supports a single survey.

First, decide on a title and provide candidates with instructions. The instructions should contain everything that candidates need to know before filling out the survey, including why you are asking them for this information. Next, you'll need to decide on what questions to ask. Additionally, you can add clarifying instructions by clicking on "Add description" under the question title. You'll also need to add response options for each question.

Decide on how you want candidates to respond to your questions -Candidate Experience survey currently only supports Rating scale and Paragraph select type questions. You can use the ellipsis menu on the right to duplicate or delete questions, and you can use the arrows to re-order your questions. 


2. Locations

The next step is to configure which postings include the survey as a part of the application process. You can include the survey on all postings by selecting "All locations" or you can select "Choose locations..." and decide on a per-location basis. The survey will appear on all Lever-hosted application pages where the posting is based in one of the selected locations. This includes the external and internal job sites.


3. Delivery

Criteria: The final step is configuring the delivery criteria for candidates. You'll need to specify which Archive reason(s) will trigger the Candidate experience survey, and a threshold stage. A survey will be sent to a candidate if they are Archived for a specified reason, and advanced to, or beyond, the threshold stage prior to being archived. 

Limit surveys: You may choose whether to limit the number of surveys sent to a specific candidate in a 90 day window.


Timing: Specify whether the Survey email goes out immediately, or will be delayed upon archiving an opportunity that meets the criteria. Should the survey have a delayed send, the user will see the option on the opportunity profile to cancel within the scheduled window prior to sending.


When the survey is triggered, Lever will send a customizable email to the candidate's primary email address and CC their secondary email addresses. Use the "Survey email" section to customize your email. You can add auto-text tokens using the "<->" menu on the right. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Show preview" to see what your email will look like. The email can only be triggered once per opportunity, but a candidate may receive multiple email surveys if they have multiple opportunities. Once submitted, survey responses are not editable.



Your survey must contain the "{{Survey link}}" auto-text token. If you do not include the token, it will be automatically appended to the end of your email.

Watch the short video below on how our Recruiting team uses Candidate Experience Surveys:



You can easily download the responses to your survey in the Reports section of Lever. You can navigate there by clicking "Download survey results" on the "Surveys" tab in your company settings, or you can navigate there directly by going to Only Super Admins or users granted one-off export permissions for surveys can download this data.

Please note: The information in the survey results is very sensitive. Be careful about how you handle and share data from this report.

To download the survey, select the start and end dates that you would like to report on. You can also use the dropdown menu to select "smart" timeframes, such as year to date, last month, or trailing quarter. Click "Download spreadsheet" and your report will be generated!


The downloaded survey export will include columns with information on the candidate as well as their answers to your questions on the Candidate Experience Survey. This export is meant to help you identify teams, departments, or interview stages that have room to improve, and track progress over time.

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