How do I create and manage confidential requisitions?

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Confidential hiring in Lever

Confidential Hiring in Lever supports the ability for companies to handle hiring for sensitive roles, such as executives and planned backfills of existing employees. Robust and precise access controls ensure that visibility into these postings, as well as any candidates and requisitions tied to them, can be restricted to a small subset of involved stakeholders.

Who can create, edit, and view a confidential requisition?



How do I create a confidential requisition?

To create a requisition, begin on your requisitions home page and click the blue “+Add requisition” button in the upper right hand corner.


Begin by completing required requisition details. 



A requisition in and of itself cannot be made "confidential" -- it's the act of linking a requisition to a confidential posting that renders the requisition confidential. "Hiring for a confidential job posting?" link will inform you that this is required, and who can access once the confidential posting is linked.



Only a 1:1 confidential posting to requisition relationship is permitted. Help text will remind the user should they attempt to link additional postings to the requisition.



To ensure the security of the confidential posting and requisition, approval workflows are bypassed. 


Once all steps are completed, you’ll be able to go to the final screen to complete the requisition workflow.



How do I make an existing requisition confidential?

Existing requisition can be rendered confidential by linking to a Confidential Posting. This can be done either from either the Requisition or from the Confidential posting.

From the Confidential posting, click "+Add req" and select a requisition. Per the 1:1 relationship requirement, any requisition that is already linked to a job posting will not be available to select.

Example from Confidential Posting:



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