How do I enable and use the Bob integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
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Lever's integration with Bob makes it easy to push hired candidate information from Lever into Bob, minimizing the time spent with manual data entry. The result is time saved for your team, reduced human error, and a great candidate experience. Additional information regarding the Bob integration can be found in their article regarding this integration.

Setup the integration:

1. As a user with Super Admin level access, go to the Integrations page under Settings in Lever

2. Locate the Bob integration in the list and click the toggle to enable the integration setup.

3. Click "Generate new key"The system will inform you which permissions the integration with Bob will authorize. 


4. Copy the newly generated API key from Lever and keep it on hand.


5. Go to the Integrations page under Settings in Lever and open the Webhooks tab. Under Webhook signing token, generate a new Signature token or copy the existing one - this will be needed for the Lever integration setup in Bob.


6. Login to Bob and head to Settings > Integration > Recruitment Integration. Click “Manage” on the Lever integration and paste the API Key and the Signature token from Lever.

7. Once this is complete, click "Done" in Lever under the Bob integration settings. NOTE: Once you click "Done", this API key will no longer be accessible in Lever. The integration will need to be disabled, and re-enabled should the old key be lost, and/or a new key required.


Disable the integration:

 If at any time you need to disable the Bob integration within Lever, simply expand the accordion menu, and click "Revoke". Alternately, you can click the green toggle to off to disable the integration.


 Drop us a note if any questions come to mind. We're always happy to help with your Bob integration!  

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