How do I create an Easy Book link?

Available for User roles All Users except Interviewers
Packages Available for select Lever Packages using GSuite or Office 365 to schedule through Lever

Please note: This feature is not available to customers using any on-premise Exchange servers. If you aren’t sure about your company’s configuration, please ask a member of your IT team to reach out to us.

Lever’s Easy Book feature helps recruiters spend less time coordinating interview times with candidates, and more time delivering a top-notch candidate experience. With Easy Book, recruiters share interviewers’ calendar availability with candidates, and candidates schedule time directly to the interviewers’ calendars! Easy Book is perfect for scheduling 1-1 interviews like Phone Screens or Offer Reviews.

To configure an Easy Book link, navigate to "Easy Book" under Settings, and click the "+ Add New Link" in the top right corner.


Determine the name, duration, and feedback form for your Easy Book link. The name should be descriptive and indicate the role and process that the link is used for (e.g. "Product Manager - Phone Screen - Managers"). This name is not visible to candidates. A separate Easy Book link is typically created for each role and/or interview process. The duration determines how long the interview will last. The selected feedback form is automatically associated with each interview scheduled using this Easy Book link.

Please note: Easy Book links are not shared between users. Links that you create should reflect interviews that you schedule.

Next, fill out the calendar invite details. These details are visible to the candidate and appear on the calendar invite. With Easy Book, you can schedule phone calls, in-person interviews, and virtual interviews. When you select the "Location" option, an additional text field will appear. The value entered here is added to the location portion of the calendar invite. For virtual interviews, Lever supports Zoom and Google Hangouts. You must use Lever’s Zoom integration in order to automatically add Zoom links to calendar events created via Easy Book. You must use Lever’s GSuite calendar and email integration in order to automatically add Hangout links.


Next, add interviewers to your link. Select an interviewer from the dropdown and configure which timeframes a candidate is allowed to book interviewers. You may add additional interviewers as well. Lever will combine the available times of all interviewers on a given link, and present those options to the candidate. If the candidate chooses a time when multiple interviewers are available, the interview is scheduled with the first (top) available interviewer. Easy Book will never schedule an interview over existing "Busy" events on your calendar.

You should only add interviewers whose availability is synced in Lever. If their availability is not synced, you will see an error, but can still save the link. If none of the interviewers associated with a link have synced availability, the candidate will see an error message when they click on your Easy Book link.


Finally, configure the link settings. Use the "Add events to calendar" to determine which calendar the events are added to. An interview scheduled via Easy Book creates two events. The first is a candidate-facing event that is sent from the user that sent the Easy Book link. It includes the candidate as the guest, and informs them who will be interviewing them. The second calendar event only includes the interviewer as the guest. Both of these events will be scheduled to the selected calendar under the "Add events to calendar" dropdown.

Please note: Easy Book adds calendar events directly to the selected calendar. Please ensure you have permission to add events directly to the calendar you select! If your access to that calendar is revoked, future interviews scheduled via this link will automatically schedule to your personal calendar.

The "Expires after" dropdown determines how long the link will remain active after it is sent to the candidate. If the link is accessed after this time frame, an error page is displayed indicating that the link is no longer active. The "Offered time range" dropdown chooses how many days are presented to the candidate when they are viewing the Easy Book link. The "Minimum scheduling notice" prevents last-minute scheduling by setting an amount of time that the candidate cannot schedule an interview from when they are viewing the link. When a candidate receives a link with the settings in the screenshot below, the calendar events are scheduled to the calendar called "Shared team calendar". The link expires 14 days from when it was originally sent, and the candidate will presented with available time blocks between 1 day and 3 days from when they view the link.


To learn more about sending Easy Book links to candidates, click here.

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