How do I add a privacy notice in the candidate application process for CCPA compliance?

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This article describes how to use different configuration options within Lever to support your company’s compliance needs. For help determining which configuration settings are best for your business, please consult with legal counsel to understand what is required for your particular business.

Lever is committed to providing flexible tools to allow our customers to configure the application workflow to meet their compliance needs. For those businesses to which CCPA applies and need to provide a privacy notice to candidates, this article provides several options on how to configure the application process to meet your needs. 

GDPR Functionality

For those customers looking take a robust approach to compliance, Lever’s GDPR functionality can be used to provide a privacy notice to candidates with a consent box prior to a candidate submitting their application. As job location and IP address is not always indicative of a candidates place of residence, nationality, or place from which an application is made, many of Lever’s customers have selected this option for compliance. For more information on how to configure GDPR functionality, see our help article here

Job Description Templates

For customers who are looking to provide notice to applicants before the candidate goes to the application page and expresses an intent to submit an application, you will want to add your selected custom text to the closing section of the job description. Each customer is able to customize their own templates and may choose to add this text to all applications, or just to those job descriptions for positions in California. For more information on how to configure closing sections on a job description template, see our help article here


Custom Application Questions

Some customers prefer to configure the application page to include a link to the privacy notice URL. Customers may choose to add a custom application question and include a required or non-required multiple choice question with whichever text is recommended by their counsel with options for a candidate to consent or click through. The link will currently be displayed in plain text. For more information on how to configure custom application questions, see our help article here.


Lever Postings API

For customers with unique requirements or workflows, customers may choose to develop their own careers page and application via Lever’s API. For more information regarding configuring a custom careers page with Lever’s web API, see our help article here.

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