How do I grant users permission to export data?

Available for User roles Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

Generating and analyzing reports plays a key part in monitoring and improving your hiring processes. With Lever's flexible Export Permissions, you can grant the ability to export data on a per-user and per-report basis.

How do I configure Export Permissions? 

You must be a Super Admin to configure Export Permissions. Go to the users page within settings, find the user that you want to edit and click on their name. Then click on the "Access" tab. Scroll down to the bottom section called "Additional permissions". 


Export permissions cannot be configured for Super Admins or Interviewers. Super Admins always have access to export all reports. Interviewers do not have the ability to view the reports section of Lever.


Click on the toggle that says "Allow user to access data exports". This will open a menu where you can select which exports the user will be allowed to run. Grant permission to specific exports by ticking the corresponding checkbox. 


Granting a user export permissions may allow them to download data for candidates that they don't have access to through their Access role


What will users see when they are granted Export Permissions?

When a user goes to the reports page, they will only see exports that they have access to. In the above example, the user was granted access to the Candidates, Diversity, EEO/OFCCP, and Offers exports. This user will see those exports listed in the left sidebar.


Granting a user export permissions only allows access to the Exports section of the reports page. Access to export customizable reports (such as Candidate stats, Conversion rates, Pipeline speed, Offers, Interviews, and Interview calibration) using the "Export to Spreadsheet" option in the upper right corner is reserved for Super Admins only.


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