How do I schedule an interview with an Easy Book link?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Plan Available for all plans using GSuite or Office 365 to schedule through Lever


This feature is not available to customers using any on-premise Exchange servers. If you aren’t sure about your company’s configuration, please ask a member of your IT team to reach out to us.

Sending an Easy Book link is as easy as sending an email. Eliminate the back-and-forth and provide your candidates with a quality scheduling experience. Learn how to create Easy Book links here.

Sending an Easy Book link

Easy Book links are always sent via email. When you’re ready to reach out to a candidate and set up an interview time, open an email editor in Lever. You can do this by going to a candidate profile and clicking the email icon at the top of the page or you can use the bulk email action from the candidate dashboard. To insert an Easy Book link, use the Easy Book dropdown. Your list of personal Easy Book links will be displayed. Select the appropriate Easy Book link and a URL will be added to your email! Every Easy Book links is unique - even if you send them in bulk! Lever only supports one Easy Book link per email.


Let candidates know that you are sending them a link that they are supposed to use for self-scheduling an interview. Include something like, "Please click on the following link to schedule a time to talk" in the body of your email.


Easy Book links are not active until the email is sent. In order to preview your link, use the Preview button when editing an Easy Book link. Learn more here.


After sending the email, a banner appears on the candidate profile that shows the role the interview is associated with and how long until the link expires. You will also see a "Scheduling" call-to-action on the candidate dashboard. This indicates that someone is in the process of scheduling an Easy Book interview with that candidate.


Adding an Easy Book link to an email template

To streamline your productivity even further, you can add Easy Book links to email templates. Because Easy Book links are unique to each user, Lever recommends only adding Easy Book links to personal templates. If an Easy Book link is added to a team template, other users will not be able to utilize that Easy Book link. Adding an Easy Book link to an email template is as easy as adding an Easy Book link to an email. Use the Easy Book dropdown to add a link. The link will not fully render like it does when sending an email. You will see a placeholder for the Easy Book link which is automatically replaced with a full link when sending emails using this template.


Candidate experience

When a candidate clicks on an Easy Book link, they are prompted to enter their email address. This must match the email address on their Lever candidate profile in order to schedule an interview.


After entering their email, the candidate is presented with available time slots and can select which one works best for them. Easy Book links will never allow a candidate to schedule an interview over existing "Busy" events on your calendar. In addition, events on your calendar to which you have yet to RSVP or to which you have responded "Maybe" will not appear as available time slots to the candidate booking via your Easy Book link. Events on your calendar to which you have responded "No" will appear as available time slots to candidates booking via your Easy Book link. If an event is cancelled and removed from you calendar prior to a candidate opening your Easy Book link, the previously reserved time slots will appear as available to the candidate.


After selecting a time slot, the candidate is asked to verify their contact information. This will vary slightly depending on the type of interview. Phone interviews will prompt the candidate to enter their phone number. If there is at least one phone number on the candidate’s profile, Lever will automatically populate this field with the first phone number listed.


The candidate will then verify the details and complete their booking. Calendar invites will automatically be sent to the interviewer and candidate.


Once the candidate schedules the interview, you may reschedule the interview by going to the profile and clicking the Reschedule button in the blue banner. To cancel an interview, click the gear icon next to the Reschedule button that appears on hover.

Candidate profile in Lever with arrow pointing to Reschedule button on scheduled interview tile.

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