How do I create and edit a confidential job posting? Which users can do so?

Available for  User roles All users. 
Packages Select Lever Packages.

What is a confidential job posting?

Confidential job postings supports the ability for companies to handle hiring for sensitive roles. Robust and precise access controls ensure that visibility into these postings, as well as any candidates tied to them, can be restricted to a small subset of involved stakeholders.

Note: Candidate profiles alone cannot be marked as confidential, however candidate opportunities are rendered confidential when linked to a confidential posting.

Who can create a confidential job posting?

Users with the access role of Super Admin and Admin are able to create a new Confidential posting.


How do I create a new confidential job posting?

To create a job posting, begin on your job posting home page and click the blue “+Add job posting” button in the upper right hand corner.


Begin by filling in the Job posting title, Location, Department/team, Work type, Posting owner, Hiring manager, Access, and Followers.   


Next, you’ll have the opportunity to choose where the job posting should appear. You will see the option to "Set as confidential". 


After filling in the job description, you’ll also have the opportunity to customize the Custom Application Questions and Internal Notes.


Please note: once you click "Create posting," you will not be able to go back and change the job posting distribution to anything other than confidential. 

Interview plan and approvals

To ensure the security of the confidential posting and associated sensitive information, default interview plans and approval workflows are bypassed. 


Once all steps are completed, you’ll be able to go to the final screen to complete the job posting workflow.



Who can edit a confidential job posting?


A Super Admin or the Posting owner of the confidential job posting with Admin access can edit any field on that posting, including:

  • Dept / Team
  • Location
  • Work type
  • Posting owner
  • Hiring Manager

As a Posting owner for a confidential posting that is an Admin, you can edit either stakeholder field (Owner or Hiring Manager).  After reassigning the Posting owner from yourself, you will no longer have access to the Confidential posting.


How do Sensitive Information Privileges work with a  confidential job posting?

A user's Sensitive Information Privileges will only carry over to Confidential Job Postings that the user is also on the Access list for. Please see more information on Sensitive Information Privileges and how they are granted here


Watch the short video below on how our Recruiting team uses Confidential Job Postings:

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