What should I know about my account's migration to Opportunities?

Note: Opportunities will be rolled out to all customers in the coming months. Please look out for email communications with additional resources and detail on timing for the migration of your account.

In order to migrate your account to our new data model on Opportunities, we will temporarily put your account into a "maintenance mode." Maintenance mode will take place overnight or over the weekend when the usage of your account is historically low. The Lever application will be inaccessible to you and all of your team members during maintenance mode. This includes:

  • viewing candidates
  • creating candidates with the Lever Chrome extension
  • scheduling
  • emailing candidates from Lever
  • completing feedback
  • viewing reports
  • any action taken from https://hire.lever.co

What does this look like for candidates?

Job Site

While your account is in maintenance mode during the migration, candidates who visit your Lever-hosted job site, or custom job site using the Postings API will be able to apply as normal. When your account is fully migrated and maintenance mode has ended, any applications that were submitted during this time will be in the New Applicant stage.

If you have built a custom job site with Lever's Data API, the List all postings, Retrieve a single posting, and Retrieve posting application questions endpoints will remain up and running. However because the Apply to a posting endpoint will return a [error code 503 - service unavailable], you should take measures such as caching and queuing applications during maintenance mode, to avoid any downtime on your job site.

Easy Book

If you’ve sent out Easy Book scheduling links to candidates, they will not be able to book interview slots for themselves during this window. Any candidates who attempt to access an Easy Book link during maintenance mode will be see a message asking them to try again later.

Nurture and Scheduled Emails

If you scheduled an email to be sent during maintenance mode, these emails will be delayed until after maintenance mode is complete. If you're using Lever's Nurture product, any emails set to be sent during maintenance mode will send once maintenance mode has completed. If a candidate replies during maintenance mode, this email will sync to Lever once maintenance mode has ended and will stop the campaign before any additional touchpoints are sent.


If you use Lever to send offers, candidates will still be able to sign offers via your e-signature vendor. However, because Lever notifications will not be sending out during this time window, please ensure you have notifications enabled for your e-signature vendor.


During maintenance mode, it will not be possible to approve postings, offers, or requisitions within the Lever application or with approval emails. If an approver tries to approve via an email, they will see a message asking them to try again later.

Expired Snoozes

If a candidate's snooze is set to expire during your account's maintenance mode, the snooze will end after maintenance mode has completed.


If you are working with external recruiting agencies with Lever's Agency feature, external recruiters will still be able to access and submit candidates through their agency job site. All submissions will be in your Lever account when maintenance mode has completed.

Email Sync

If a candidate replies to an email during maintenance mode, you will receive it in your email inbox. Once your account's maintenance mode has ended, emails will sync to the appropriate profiles in Lever.

Will I still be able to get data from the API?

With the exception of the List all postings, Retrieve a single posting, and Retrieve posting application questions endpoints, all requests to Lever's Data API during maintenance mode will return a [error code 503 - service unavailable] for all calls. We recommend ensuring your integrations allow for retrying with exponential backoff or to temporarily disable your integrations during the maintenance mode window. Upon completion of maintenance mode, we also recommend rate limiting any integrations that are based on candidates' updated_at. 

In addition to the steps mentioned above, you may want to make additional updates to your custom integrations in preparation for this migration to a new data model. 

Note: Lever's Postings API will continue to function during maintenance mode.
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