How do I update my scheduling integration for Opportunities?

With this guide, you can: update your scheduling integration for Opportunities and the candidate data migration. Please review this article before proceeding with this guide.
Note: This article is designed for partners and customers who have built custom solutions and integrations using the Data API.

Your scheduling integration

You might have developed a scheduling integration that allows you to schedule interviews in an external tool. You’ll want to make some updates to your integration if it does any of the following:

  • Allows users to reschedule or delete externally managed interviews from the past
  • Initiates scheduling from a cache of candidates

Aside from that, there are just a few things to note about how the eventual migration of candidate data to the Opportunities data model may affect your integration temporarily.

Next steps and potential impact of not updating integrations

Allows users to reschedule or delete externally managed interviews from the past

Your candidates will be migrated to a new data model to support Opportunities. On Lever's new data model, a candidate's “opportunities” will have independent opportunityIds that will be linked together as part of the same "contact".

Please Note: If your integration scheduled an interview before the migration, when a candidate had only a single candidateId, your integration should be prepared for the possibility that a candidate now has opportunityIds for multiple, separate opportunities. However, if a candidate is split up into multiple opportunities during the migration, the original pre-migration candidateId will become the opportunityId for the most recently added application that is still active. We’ll also be keeping upcoming interview panels and events with the opportunity that maintains the original candidateId (now referred to as opportunityId). This means that for upcoming interviews, the candidateIds, interviewIds, and panelIds that you have on file for rescheduling or deleting should all still work as expected.

It is possible for externally managed interviews in the past to be re-associated with an opportunity with a new opportunityId. However, if you attempt to:

  • Retrieve a valid interview or panel, we will return a 301 status code with the new location of the interview or panel in the Location header.
  • Update or delete a valid interview or panel, we will return a 307 status code with the location of the new interview in the Location header.

This means that your integration should be able to handle a 30X redirect in order to retrieve, update, or delete an interview at its new location.

Impact: If your integration cannot redirect the request to the new location, then you will not be able to reschedule or delete interviews where the interview was moved to a different opportunity and the interview time has already elapsed. Rescheduling or deleting for upcoming interviews should continue to work as expected post-migration and on a go-forward basis.

Initiates scheduling from a cache candidates

If it’s at all possible for your integration to initiate scheduling from a cache of candidates instead of needing to initiate scheduling from within Lever, then you’ll want to ensure that there is a consistent mechanism for re-pulling candidateIds (in the future, opportunityIds), as the candidate migration to the Opportunities data model will have changed some and created new opportunities as well.

Impact: Without a way to manually or automatically re-fetch, your cache of candidateIds to schedule externally may be outdated after the migration.

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