How do opportunities appear in Lever after anonymization?

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Please note: Lever does not give legal advice. If you’re looking for more information about whether your organization should be collecting data requests, please seek legal counsel.

When you anonymize an opportunity or a candidate in Lever, you don’t want it to affect reporting or recruiter calibration. We’ve made sure that anonymized candidates do not have personal information visible or available within Lever, and remove personal information from all of the places where it might be visible in Lever. For more information on how to select candidates to anonymize in Lever, see this article. For more information about what data fields are deleted, see this article.

After Anonymizing

Once an opportunity has been anonymized, the candidate name will be removed from all reports (including the ‘Data requests’ report), and replaced with ‘Anonymized opportunity’. All counts will remain accurate, but you’ll see their name replaced:


The opportunity will be removed from search results, as well as any field searches (for tags, emails, etc.). If you have saved a link to the opportunity, you’ll be brought to a blank page with a notice that the candidate has been anonymized:


When viewing archived opportunities in the opportunities list, any anonymized opportunities will be counted at the bottom of the list:


The opportunity will also be scrubbed from any notifications, failed emails or interviewer notifications.

The opportunity's hire date, offer status, and offer created date will still appear in the Requisitions homepage, if your team uses Requisitions.

Applying / Sourced Again

If an anonymized candidate applies again with the same e-mail, Lever will add the contact permission of the previously anonymized candidate to the new opportunity, but no other data will be merged onto the new profile. So, while information about the candidate will not be merged onto the new profile, you'll know whether you have permission to contact that candidate. 


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