What is an inactivity alert?

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Lever's Inactivity Alerts highlight candidates who may be at risk of being forgotten or those who deserve a little bit of extra attention. After setting company-wide thresholds for how long a candidate should remain in a given pipeline stage, indicators in your opportunities list will spotlight candidates who have been inactive for too long.

To configure the amount of time a candidate can be in a stage without an interaction before being considered "inactive," visit your Company Settings.


The period of time before an inactivity alert is triggered can be individually set, for each stage of your pipeline, according to your team's process. Perhaps you've set a goal that all new applicants must receive an email within 2 days, or the maximum amount of time a candidate should spend in the onsite interview stage is 7 days, setting inactivity alerts can help surface opportunities that aren't meeting these timelines.

Whether or not you've viewed an opportunity, and whether the opportunity is considered inactive can be seen at a glance from your opportunities list. Opportunities that you have not viewed will have bolded names, and opportunities who have not had an interaction for longer than the specified amount of time will have a yellow clock icon.

You have viewed the opportunity, no inactivity alert 81326ebe-23f4-41f6-af23-3ce8a50801ad.png
You have viewed the opportunity, opportunity is inactive 84e24693-c1c7-4944-8f5c-3835487e9860.png
You have not viewed the opportunity, no inactivity alert b0e04559-c559-4d82-92b2-c27f00e3a3cd.png
You have not viewed the opportunity, opportunity is inactive a8aed8bc-11e9-4793-8fa7-af2d4620e128.png

Action Buttons

In addition to inactivity alerts, Lever helps you keep track of the next required action via action buttons. Action buttons appear in the Interview segment of your pipeline. (If your organization has a subscription to Lever Nurture, you may also see action buttons appear in your Lead pipeline.) These buttons indicate an interview action which is available, in progress or expired:


What does each type of button mean? 


Priority: High
Meaning: This candidate needs to be scheduled for an interview.
Follow up: Send an Easy Book link or schedule an interview.


Priority: Low
Meaning: This candidate is scheduled for an upcoming interview.
Follow up: None.


Priority: Medium
Meaning: This candidate has outstanding interview feedback.
Follow up: Nudge your colleagues to submit feedback. Consider turning on interview reminders.


Priority: Low
Meaning: This candidate has been sent an Easy Book link and needs to select an interview date and time.
Follow up: None.


Priority: Medium
Meaning: This candidate's Easy Book link has expired.
Follow up: Send a new Easy Book link or archive this candidate.


Priority: High
Meaning: This candidate's interview has taken place and all interview feedback has been submitted.
Follow up: Move this candidate forward in the hiring process or archive

With visible, company-wide indicators, your team can ensure quick follow-ups and communication with candidates and take steps towards even more successful hiring!

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