How can I rely on legitimate interest for processing the GDPR in Lever?

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You always have a legitimate interest to store & contact candidates in your active pipeline. However, you must choose a lawful basis for archived candidates. To rely on legitimate interest, first configure Lever for GDPR compliance. 

Relying on legitimate interest means that you will not be collecting consent to store candidate data. Instead, Lever will suggest that an opportunity be anonymized when your chosen expiration period has lapsed.

Lever will surface opportunities that should be anonymized in a number of ways, including email notifications, inbox notifications, the Data Requests report, and with a banner on the opportunity. 


Because a candidate may have multiple opportunities, it is possible that your settings dictate that you have a legitimate interest to retain the data from one opportunity and not the others. This can be the case if the opportunities were archived at different times. Only the opportunity that has passed the expiration period will be included when filtering for opportunities due for anonymization, and only the expired opportunity will have the anonymization banner displayed. After anonymizing from the ellipses menu, data for this opportunity will be removed from Lever, and will no longer be visible on the candidates other opportunities.


When relying on legitimate interest, if a candidate is not based in a protected location, and has applied to roles in both GDPR protected and non-protected locations, you will be prompted to anonymize both the opportunities for jobs in GDPR protected locations and those in non GDPR protected locations.

When a candidate has at least one opportunity for a job in a protected location, all of their linked opportunities will say that they are protected by GDPR.


What are Unsubscribe Links?

Even though you've chosen to rely on legitimate interest, you still have the opportunity to ask candidates whether they'd like to be contacted regarding future opportunities with your company. 

Lever allows you to generate Unsubscribe links’;  URLs that direct a candidate to a unique page where they are given the option to unsubscribe from future recruiting communications. 


If they choose to unsubscribe, this status will be reflected on their opportunities in Lever!

Unsubscribe links can be sent to the same candidate multiple times - all links will continue to work if multiples are sent.

Additionally, unsubscribe links are only generated once the e-mail is sent through Lever - never copy/paste a link from once candidate to send to another!

Sending Unsubscribe Links

Once you’ve identified the set of candidates that you’d like to reach out to, there are two ways you can e-mail them from Lever in bulk: by inserting the placeholder into an e-mail, or adding to an e-mail template.

Tip: To avoid any rate limits set by your email client, we recommend sending bulk emails to get or refresh consent from You can set this creating the e-mail. If you are using your own e-mail address to send from, we suggest sending fewer than 50 emails at a time to avoid rate limit issues.

Insert Link Placeholder

Once you’ve either chosen to ‘Select All’ or select just the candidates you want to e-mail, click the ‘Email’ button to start.

From here, write out the message you want the candidates to receive, using Lever’s placeholders to add first or last name etc. You’ll also notice a ‘Unsubscribe link’ option at the bottom of the ‘Insert…’ dropdown. Use this to have Lever generate a unique link for each recipient:


Tip: We suggest providing context as to what the link is and what it’s for so candidates know exactly what action is required!

Once you’re set with your message, click ‘Preview’ to see what the actual message will look like. You’ll notice that each person is getting a different link - that’s intended. If the preview looks as expected, click ‘Send’ to push them out to your candidates!

Unsubscribe Links in Template

You can also insert an unsubscribe link into an e-mail template. That way, you can create one template and use it for all candidates if desired. To do this, check out this article on creating email templates: How do I create an email template? You’ll want to use the {{Unsubscribe link}} placeholder!

Individual Link

Lastly, you can send an unsubscribe link to a specific candidate directly from the candidate profile. Simply click the ‘Email’ button, and compose your message as usual. Use the ‘Unsubscribe link' option in the ‘Insert…’ dropdown to add in the link. It will be added as the full link, not as the placeholder. As noted above, this link will only become live once you send the e-mail:



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