How can I reach out to candidates to collect or refresh consent?

Note: In the coming months, we will be migrating all existing customers to our updated user interface and data model. If your team began using Lever before July 15th, 2019, or if the screenshots below do not match what you see in your account, please visit this version of this article instead.

Please note: This article describes how to you can collect consent from candidates to support your GDPR compliance efforts. For help determining exactly how and when your organization should gather consent from candidates, it's best to consult legal counsel.

If you have opportunities for candidates in your instance of Lever from before May 25th, 2018 or have manually sourced a candidate covered by the GDPR, you may want to reach out to them for explicit consent to continue processing their information in the form of a job application.

Lever makes it extremely easy to identify, reach out to, and collect consent from candidates in your pipeline who have never provided consent, or whose consent is expiring soon.

In this article, we’ll cover what consent links are and how to use Lever’s e-mailing feature to send a link to collect consent. See this article for more about how to use GDPR filters to identify candidates to send consent links to: How do I filter opportunities by GDPR status?

What are Consent Links?

Lever allows you to generate Consent links’;  URLs that direct each candidate to a unique page where they are prompted to update their consent. Each page will contain a link to the privacy policy you added during GDPR configuration. When a candidate navigates to their consent link, they’ll be able to see their current status as the default selection and can update their consent with one-click (or revoke it): 


Any change they make will immediately be saved and reflected on all of their opportunities in Lever. 

When a candidate provides or revokes consent, Lever will apply this decision to all of the candidate's opportunities. Although working consent links can be sent to the same candidate multiple times, you only need to send a candidate one link. For example, if you've sent a consent link to a candidate with three opportunities and they respond that they do not want to be contacted, this "do not contact" status will be automatically applied to all three opportunities.

Additionally, consent links are only generated once the e-mail is sent through Lever - never copy/paste a consent link from once candidate to send to another!

Sending Consent Links

Once you’ve identified the set of candidates that require you to refresh consent, there are two ways you can e-mail them from Lever in bulk: by inserting the placeholder into an e-mail, or adding to an e-mail template.

Tip: To avoid any rate limits set by your email client, we recommend sending bulk consent emails from You can set this creating the e-mail. If you are using your own e-mail address to send from, we suggest sending fewer than 50 emails at a time to avoid rate limit issues.

 Insert Link Placeholder

Once you’ve either chosen to ‘Select All’ or select just the opportunities for candidates you want to e-mail, click the ‘Email’ button to start. 

Depending on the opportunities you've selected, you may see options to update the number of emails you are sending. Next, customize the message you want the candidates to receive, using Lever’s placeholders to add first or last name etc. You’ll also notice a ‘Consent Link’ option at the bottom of the ‘Insert…’ dropdown. Use this to have Lever generate a unique consent link for each recipient:


Tip: We suggest providing context as to what the link is and what it’s for so candidates know exactly what action is required!

Once you’re set with your message, click ‘Preview’ to see what the actual message will look like. You’ll notice that each person is getting a different link - that’s intended. If the preview looks as expected, click ‘Send’ to push them out to your candidates!

Consent Links in Template

You can also insert a consent link into an e-mail template. That way, you can create one ‘Refresh Consent’ template and use it for all candidates. To do this, check out this article on creating email templates: How do I create an email template? You’ll want to use the {{Consent link}} placeholder!

Individual Link

Lastly, you can send a consent link to a specific candidate directly from an opportunity. Simply click the ‘Email’ button, and compose your message as usual. Use the ‘Consent link' option in the ‘Insert…’ dropdown to add in the consent link. It will be added as the full link, not as the placeholder. As noted above, this link will only become live once you send the e-mail:

As a reminder, even if a consent link is sent from an individual opportunity, the candidate's response will be applied to all of their opportunities! 


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