How do I filter opportunities by GDPR status?

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Please note: This article describes how to you can collect consent from candidates to support your GDPR compliance efforts. For help determining exactly how and when your organization should gather consent from candidates, it's best to consult legal counsel.

GDPR filters give you everything you need to track the consent status of the opportunities in your archive, and identify candidates you'd like to reach out to gather or refresh consent. Once selected, you can easily reach out for consent using 'Consent links', more here: How do I reach out candidates to collect or refresh consent?

In addition to seeing GDPR status on an opportunity, Lever allows users to filter the opportunities list, or any set of search results by these important GDPR characteristics:

  • GDPR protection (is this an EU resident)
  • GDPR consent status
  • Consent expiration date
  • Date of send for last consent link

Let’s consider a few scenarios:

“How do I get consent from candidates who were in Lever before May 25th?”
Start by navigating to the opportunities list, and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the left-hand menu of filters to the ‘GDPR’ section - you may need to click 'More Filters'. Because we’re looking for opportunities for candidates that never were able to provide consent, we’ll want to select ‘Missing consent’ from the 'Consent status' dropdown:

All of the opportunities selected in this list have no consent provided, and you’ll likely want to reach out to all of the candidates. 
You may have, however, already sent consent links to some of these candidates, so you'll want to add an additional filter to only show you candidates that haven’t received a consent link in the last 6 months.  To do this, simply select the ’6 Months Ago’ option under the ‘Last sent consent link’ dropdown.
All opportunities for candidates who were sent a consent link in the last 6 months will be removed from the results, and you’ll be left with just opportunities for candidates who are missing consent and have not been sent a consent link in the past 6 months.
"A candidate gave me consent, but it’s about to expire. How do I refresh it?"
Start by navigating to the opportunities list, and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the left-hand menu of filter to the ‘GDPR’ section. Because we’re looking for candidates that have provided consent but are expiring soon, we’ll want to select ‘Open to future jobs’ from the ‘Consent Status’ dropdown. Since we’re looking for candidates where consent will expire in 30 days, select the ‘Within 1 month’ option from the ‘Consent expiring’  dropdown:

Like in the example above, if you’d also like to avoid sending a new consent link to a candidate that has recently been sent one, you can use the ‘Last sent consent link’ filter to exclude those candidates.

Once a candidate has provided consent to be contacted about future jobs, this status is applied to all of their opportunities regardless of whether it was the opportunity selected when sending the consent link. 

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