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The ability to configure field-specific anonymization by country as well as the mutual exclusivity between 'Data compliance' and 'GDPR' settings referenced in this article are part of the off-cycle Fall 2022 Product Release, scheduled for progressive rollout starting in December 2022. For more information on the Fall 2022 release, keep an eye on our Product Release Notes.

In locations where General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies, you are required to anonymize candidates' personally identifiable information in the absence of their consent or legitimate interest. Lever provides multiple ways to efficiently anonymize candidate information to ensure proper data hygiene that is compliant with GDPR. Readers of this article will learn about:

Before proceeding, note that Lever does not provide legal advice in regard to data handling practices. We advise consulting legal counsel to determine the best data handling protocols for your organization. We also recommend reading the following help articles to understand how anonymization is systematized in your Lever environment.

How anonymization works in Lever

When a candidate's opportunity is anonymized in Lever, their personally identifiable is deleted from the system. Non-identifiable data such as origins, sources, and actions taken, are kept in order to ensure that you can accurately report and calibrate based on your recruitment metrics.

When anonymizing an opportunity, the data that is deleted depends on if the candidate has more than one non-anonymized opportunity associated with their profile. If a candidates has more than one non-anonymized opportunity in the system, the candidate will not be considered fully anonymized until all of their opportunities have been anonymized.  Expand the menus below to read a breakdown of the data that is deleted in each scenario.

Candidate with multiple non-anonymized opportunities

If you are anonymizing an opportunity associated with a candidate linked to multiple non-anonymized opportunities, the following data will be deleted from their profile:

  • The contents of any emails (including to/from/body/subject) sent in association with the opportunity
  • Previous work history
  • Resumes, CVs, and any other files attached to the opportunity
  • Email drafts of upcoming interviewers associated with the opportunity
  • Inbox notifications about the opportunity
Candidate with one non-anonymized opportunity

If you are anonymizing the only non-anonymized opportunity associated with a candidate, the following data will be deleted from their profile:

  • Candidate name
  • The contents of any emails (including to/from/body/subject) sent in association with the opportunity
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Previous work history
  • Resumes, CVs, and any other files attached to the opportunity
  • Websites and social links
  • Email drafts of upcoming interviewers associated with the opportunity
  • Inbox notifications about the opportunity


Candidates whose opportunities are associated with postings in locations subject to a localized data compliance policy (as configured via Settings > Data compliance) will have their data anonymized in accord with the configuration for that specific country. To learn more, refer to our help article on configuring localized data compliance settings.

The way in which data is anonymized in your Lever environment depends on your GDPR or localized data compliance configuration. When setting up GDPR or a localized data compliance policy, anonymization can be configured around whether or not to store candidate data as a hashed value.

Anonmyzied candidates radio button options

If you opt to store a hashed value of a candidate's email address...
Lever removes the candidate's email address from the data and stores it in a secure and unreadable format to which you will not have access. The hashed value is used to identify anonymized candidates if they ever apply again.

If you opt to not store a hashed value of the candidate's email address...
Anonymization results in the complete and permanent deletion of candidate data (including the candidate's email address) from the system.

Identifying opportunities in need of anonymization

Owners of opportunities in need of anonymization will receive notifications to their Lever inbox when...

  • The associated candidate submits a request for their data to be deleted
  • The candidate's consent is within 30 days of expiry
  • Legitimate interest has expired or the candidate's consent has been lapsed

Lever inbox notifications for data removal and anonymization tasks.

Lever users can receive anonymization notifications direct to their primary inbox by navigating to Settings > My account > Email notifications, and configuring their email settings accordingly.

Users with Super Admin or Admin level access can also see a list of opportunities in need of anonymization on the 'Candidate Data' page of their Data compliance settings. You will read more about this option under method 3 for anonymizing opportunities described below.


Super Admins and Admins can monitor the volume of open data erasure requests received by their organization from candidates on the Compliance dashboard in Visual Insights. Check out our Compliance dashboard help article to learn more.

Methods for anonymizing opportunities

There are three methods for anonymizing opportunities:

Method 1: From the opportunity profile

If a candidate revokes their consent for retention of their data, a banner will appear at the top of their opportunity profile prompting you to anonymize their opportunity. Click the Anonymize button in the banner to reveal a summary of the candidate data that will be deleted. Click the Anonymize Candidate button below the summary to complete the action.

Close up of candidate profile with removal request banner at the top.

If consent expires or the legitimate interest period lapses for an archived candidate, a similar banner will appear at the top of their profile. To anonymize an archived opportunity, click the ellipses button (⋯) at the top of their profile and select Anonymize from the menu.

Menu expanded from ellipses button on archived profile with arrow pointing to Anonymize option.

Method 2: From the pipeline

To anonymize opportunities in bulk, use the GDPR filters to find opportunities in need of anonymization. Once you have applied the filter, select the opportunities in the opportunity list that you wish to anonymize. Click the rightmost button in the bulk action toolbar and select Anonymize Opportunities from the menu to reveal a summary of the data that will be deleted for the selected opportunities. Click the Anonymize Candidates button below the summary to complete the action.

Pipeline with GDPR filters applied, multiple opportunitie selected, and anonymize opportunities option selected in menu in bulk action tool bar.


GDPR pipeline filters are not available if GDPR is disabled in your Lever environment.

Method 3: From the 'Data compliance' settings

Note that only Super Admins and Admin have access to 'Data compliance' settings. In order to anonymize candidates via your 'Data compliance' settings, GDPR must be disabled. To anonymize opportunities:

  • Navigate to Settings > Data compliance > Candidate data
  • Use the filters to narrow down opportunities by the country of their associated postings and/or the length of time since consent or interest expired.
  • To anonymize an individual opportunity, click the Anonymize link aligned to the right of the listed opportunity.
  • To anonymize opportunities in bulk, select multiple opportunities and click the Anonymize Candidates button that appears at the top of the list.

Multiple opportunities selecting in candidate data list; anonymize candidates button appears above list.

  • In the modal that appears, click the Anonymize candidate data button to complete the action.

Anonyimzation confirmation modal with Anonymize candidate data button.

How anonymized opportunities appear in Lever

Following anonymization, any field in your LeverTRM environment where the candidate's name previously appeared (including the pipeline opportunity list and reports) will be replaced with "Anonymized candidate" following anonymization of their profile.

List of opportunities for anonymized candidates

The opportunity will be removed from search results, as well as any field searches (for tags, emails, etc). If you have saved a link to the opportunity, you will be brought to a blank page with a notice that the candidate has been anonymized.

Informational banner reading 'This opportunity was anonymized by you on July 21 2019

When viewing archived opportunities in the opportunities list, any anonymized opportunities will be counted at the bottom of the list.

Arrow pointing to entry for anonymized opportunities in opportunities list.

The opportunity will also be scrubbed from any notifications, failed emails, or interviewer notifications. The opportunity's hire date, offer status, and offer created date will still be counted on any requisitions linked to the associated posting (if applicable). For more information, refer to our help article on viewing candidates associated with requisitions.

When anonymized candidates re-apply or are sourced again 

If an anonymized candidate applies or is sourced for one of your postings again using the same e-mail, their consent preference will be added to the new opportunity. However, no other data will be merged onto the new candidate profile.

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