How do I enable Lever's integration with BambooHR?

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As an official BambooHR partner, Lever makes it easy to automatically push hired candidates from Lever to BambooHR. Streamline the recruiting to HR process by pre-populating fields in BambooHR for new hires by sending candidate, offer, requisition, and profile from data in Lever when candidates are hired in Lever. The Lever-BambooHR integration will automatically populate a new BambooHR employee profile, minimizing the time spent on manual data entry.




The BambooHR integration must be configured by a Super Admin on your Lever account and a Full Admin user on the BambooHR account. If the BambooHR key is configured by a user other than a full admin, you may not see all Lever data pre-populated in your BambooHR instance.


Lever's enhanced integration with BambooHR now supports more fields than ever before!

First Name Last Name Preferred Name Mobile Phone Employment Status
Home Email Job Title Division Department Employment Status Effective Date
Location Address 1 Address 2 City  
State Zip code Country Hire Date  
Pay Type Pay Rate Currency Pay Rate Job Info Effective Date  


Enabling the BambooHR Integration in Lever

First, navigate to your account's Integrations page in Settings. Toggle on the integration.


When you toggle on the BambooHR integration, please read through the accompanying integration details, then click the button "Send request to enable" which will notify Lever Technical Support of your request.


Lever will reach out to you requesting the following required information:

  • BambooHR Company URL - Be sure this is an EXACT match with the spelling you use for your BambooHR account (e.g.
  • BambooHR API Key - This key should be generated by a full admin user from your BambooHR dashboard (Details below)

Configuring BambooHR

Creating an API Key


We recommend that you create a non-employee user in your BambooHR instance with Full Admin access to create the API key (such as Although this is not required, doing so will assure that the integration continues to operate successfully in the event that your admin users depart or have access role changes.

To generate a BambooHR API key, follow the steps below:

First, log into BambooHR then click on your account icon in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard menu and select API Keys.


Next click on the + Add New Key button in the My API Keys window.


In the API Key Name text box, type "Lever" then click the Generate Key button.


Click on the Copy Key link and save the API key in a document you can easily access. Once complete, click the Done button. You will provide this API key to Lever as a part of your configuration.


Field Mapping

The BambooHR integration pulls candidate details from a variety of locations in Lever. Take some time to read through following help article which describes how data from various Lever objects can be configured and mapped to maximize how much data is sent to BambooHR.

Creating a BambooHR employee profile record from Lever

Once the integration has been configured you can begin sending data from Lever to BambooHR when candidates are hired. The integration will create a new BambooHR employee profile record.

Candidate Preparation

Before hiring the candidate, make sure that all desired fields are filled out on the candidate, requisition, offer and "BambooHR New Hire" profile form. The more fields present and populated in Lever, the more fields that will be pre-populated in BambooHR.




Hiring a Candidate

Once the candidate details have been filled out, you may then archive the candidate as "Hired" in Lever. At a minimum, First Name, Last Name, and Home Email are required to create a record in BambooHR.


A new Employee record will be created in BambooHR.


Also included in the new BambooHR employee record will be its associated Job Info, Employment Status and Salary details.


Finally, new stories will appear on the candidate profile page in Lever with the BambooHR ID and notifying the candidate owner that the candidate was transferred over successfully.



What if I don't want to send a candidate profile to BambooHR?

You are able to prevent candidate profiles from being pushed through the integration by applying the tag "BambooHR New Hire - Skip" to the candidate profile prior to archiving the candidate as Hired.

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