How to enable and use the Rippling integration?

Available for User Roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Plans Enterprise, Professional

Please note: The Lever - Rippling integration requires set-up by both Lever and Rippling's end. You need to be a super admin in Lever and an admin in Rippling to enable this integration.


Rippling's HRIS and IdP platform manages onboarding, offboarding, and provides a single sign-on. As an official Rippling partner, Lever makes it easy to push hired candidate information to Rippling instance and initiate the onboarding flow.

This is a one-way sync of new hire data from Lever to Rippling, where Rippling will pull the candidates on a regular basis. Admins in Rippling can always synchronize to fetch the lastest candidate information from candidates in Lever off of their candidate profile, application, offer, and attachments.

How to setup the Rippling integration?

1. Navigate to Rippling’s app directory page > click on the Lever App


2. Initiate the installation given you have admin access in Rippling, if not invite an admin to initiate the installation.


3. Super Admin on your Lever Hire account reach out to Lever Support to request a data API key with the following permissions:

  • read user
  • read posting
  • list users
  • list stages
  • list postings
  • list candidates
  • list candidate resumes
  • list candidate offers
  • list candidate files
  • list candidate applications
  • list archive reasons
  • update user 
  • deactivate user 
  • create user

Lever will then provision the key on your behalf and send you a secure link to download the key. Users on an Enterprise plan have the option of provisioning their own Data API key with the listed permissions.

Enter the Lever API Key and move to the next step.


4. Select the appropriate options per your company's workflow and synchronize the accounts to manage the appropriate accounts mapping with employees.

Lever-Rippling-4.png Lever-Rippling-5.png Lever-Rippling-6.png

5. Moving forward with the SSO set-up, send the SAML credentials (login URL and X.509 certificate) to Lever support by replying back on the existing thread. Lever support will configure SAML integration for your instance.


6. Move on to the next steps and complete the installation


How does Rippling onboard new hires to their platform?

When you select the “Hire Employee” in Rippling dashboard under the main menu, the following pieces of information will be sent from Lever into the Rippling employee onboarding flow:


As you choose a candidate, Rippling will fetch the candidate information from candidates in Lever off of their candidate profile, application, offer, and attachments and auto-fill in Rippling



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