Understanding why opportunity dates matter

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Being able to track and trust your candidates’ opportunity dates means that your Talent Operations or Analytics teams can reliably:

  • Measure velocity in the interview process relative to each opportunity
  • Measure the total number of times a candidate has applied to a position or series of positions over a period in time
  • Track the effectiveness of campaigns that cannot be easily tagged (e.g. big employment branding push, funding announcements, etc.)
  • Conduct cohort analysis based on opportunity dates

Opportunity dates are key for calculating time to fill, which can be a strong indicator of your organization's talent acquisition efficiency. Read more in our help article on configuring the time to fill calculation in Visual Insights.

How dates are set for manually added opportunities

When you manually create an opportunity for a candidate, it is not by default associated with a specific posting. Opportunities that have not yet been associated with a posting are known as 'general opportunities.' For general opportunities, the opportunity start date is determined by the first recruitment activity, like feedback (including notes with scores), interviews, stage changes, Nurture campaigns, and emails. If no recruitment has taken place, the point in time at which you associate the general opportunity with a posting will be considered the opportunity start date. 


On July 3rd, the recruiter adds a general opportunity to a candidate's profile. On July 5th, the recruiter emails the candidate to ask about their interest in a position. On July 7th the recruiter associates the general opportunity with an 'Associate Project Manager' posting (at which point it ceases to be a general opportunity). In this case, the opportunity start date is July 5th, because this was the first date of recruitment activity (email). If the recruiter had not emailed the candidate (or performed any other recruitment activity), the opportunity start date would be July 7th. 

If you want to edit opportunity dates later on, you can do so by clicking on the dates in the job section of an opportunity.

Candidate profile with date editor

Once an applicant is hired, you are able to edit both the opportunity started and opportunity hired dates.


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