How do I create a candidate?

Available for User roles All users except Interviewers
Packages Select Lever packages


Create an opportunity for a new candidate

Click “Add Candidate” at the top of your screen.

First, choose between manually adding a candidate or adding a referral. Manually adding a candidate will create a general opportunity for you to complete. Adding a referral will redirect to a referral page.

When you have created a new general opportunity, enter the candidate’s name, organization, location, etc., or add a resume to the opportunity. By default, the stage is set to New Lead, but you can change that if you wish. The candidate’s Origin will be set to “Sourced,” and the source tag will be “Added manually.”

Add a resume

Add a resume by clicking on the “Upload resume” link or dragging a document into the “Upload resume” area. (Lever’s resume parser will add information from the resume to the candidate summary.)

Make sure to upload a resume in the highlighted resume area and not in the files section. Learn more about the difference between resumes and files.


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