How do I add a new opportunity for a candidate?

Available for User roles All Users besides Interviewers
Packages Select Lever packages

When a candidate applies to your job posting, this role's opportunity is automatically created in your Lever account. But perhaps you would like to consider this candidate for a different role, or maybe you are sourcing candidates and creating brand new opportunities. Whatever the case may be, you have the ability to manually create a new opportunity for an existing candidate.

To add a new opportunity, click "+Add" in the upper right-hand corner of an existing opportunity.


Once "+Add" has been selected, a modal will consider this candidate for another job. To continue to create a new opportunity, use the "Choose job..." dropdown to select the job for which this new opportunity is for.

Tip: You cannot add a Closed or Draft posting to an opportunity. If you do not see the job you are looking for in this list, either click the “+ more” option at the bottom of the list to load additional postings or begin typing to filter for your specific posting.


If you would like to add a new opportunity for a candidate, but you aren't yet sure which specific role, you can add a new general opportunity by selecting the "Create General Opportunity" checkbox. A general opportunity allows you to consider a candidate without selecting a job and record any recruiting activity about the opportunity. If you decide to select a job for the general opportunity later, all previous recruiting activity will be associated with the job.

Please note: The user who adds a new opportunity to an existing candidate will own that new opportunity by default.


Once either a job is selected or the "Create General Opportunity" checkbox is selected, you will be presented with the option to Copy information from another opportunity. If you do not wish to copy information, simply click "Create Opportunity" to create the new opportunity and close the modal.


Should you choose to copy information from another opportunity, the "Create opportunity" button will be replaced with "Select opportunity to copy from" to guide you through additional steps in the modal.


On the next step of the modal, choose which of the candidate's existing opportunities, you wish to copy information from. 


Should you also wish to archive the opportunity that information is being copied from, select "Archive this opportunity," and then select an archive reason. This archive action will not take place until the full modal workflow is completed.



The final view allows you to select which artifacts to copy from the existing opportunity. Deselect any that you do not wish to copy, then hit the “Create opportunity + copy info” button.

The modal will close, and the new opportunity will be opened with a story summarizing what was copied.

Note: You cannot select which information from within each category gets copied - it will be all or none. Once the new opportunity is created, you may delete any copied information you do not wish to keep.  


Finally, click "Create opportunity + copy info." The modal will close and the new opportunity will open with a story summarizing what was copied




  • Secret files will not be included in copied information. They will be automatically filtered out if the user chooses to copy files to the pivot opportunity.
  • The ability to "Copy information from another opportunity" will be disabled for any candidate covered under your configured GDPR settings that must be anonymized, or has an outstanding Data Request to have their information deleted. A tooltip will be displayed explaining that the checkbox cannot be checked in this case.




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