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Please note: This update will be released in phases during the coming months.

We are excited to announce that Lever is enhancing our unified candidate profile by adding an opportunity timeline view! This update will enable recruiting teams to manage candidates for multiple opportunities at the same time, while still providing a holistic view of all candidate data in a single unified profile.


More about the new Lever experience

Among many others, this updated functionality will further streamline hiring so that you can hire the right people, improve efficiency in your recruiting process, and increase the predictability of your hiring.



Move applications independently
Candidates can be in more than one stage at a time, and different recruiters can choose to move their own job opportunity candidate forward, without affecting other recruiters’ workflows.



Cross-opportunity awareness
Even if each job has its own profile, you will still see relevant activity from other job applications. If you have access to the other jobs, you can see important notes, active offers, and email conversations without having to click through all opportunities.



Improved access control and notifications
Hiring managers and recruiters are only given access to the part of the candidate that’s relevant to the job they have access to. Similarly, notifications are related to jobs, so users only get notifications about the jobs they follow.



Improved reporting accuracy 
Each action your team takes is clearly attributed to a specific job, which makes reporting more precise.


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