How do I move candidates through the hiring process?

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Set up your pipeline

Lever's pipeline visualization gives you a straight-forward snapshot of your hiring process. If you aren't moving forward with an opportunity for a candidate, archive their profile. If you require changes to your pipeline, please fill out this form, and our support team will be on it right away! Be sure to check with your team as the pipeline will be applied to all postings for your entire organization.


Move opportunities through stages

Change an opportunity's stage by selecting a new stage from the dropdown in the job section of an opportunity.


You can also move multiple opportunities to a new stage by going to the Opportunities list, selecting the checkboxes next to the candidate names, and clicking the "Stage" button in the bulk action bar.

Hand-off a candidate to a colleague

Click on your avatar (featuring your initials or your Gravatar) near the top of the candidate's summary, and type or select a new owner from the dropdown menu.


The new owner will receive an email notifying them of the change. If you change the owner of an opportunity owned by someone else, both the old owner and the new owner will receive email notifications about the change.

See the complete history of an opportunity

Click on the "Overview" tab at the top of the opportunity. "Overview" displays all actions that have been taken on the opportunity. Filtering by "Notes," "Feedback," "Emails," or "Forms" will only display the chosen content for that opportunity, as well as content from linked opportunities for the candidate.

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