How do I create an offer for an opportunity?

Available for User roles All Users except Interviewers
Plans Select Lever Packages

How do I get started?

Before you and your team can begin creating offers, a Super Admin should complete these steps:

  1. Customize the offer form through the offer settings page. You can learn how to do this here.
  2. Upload an offer letter template through the offer settings page. You can learn how to create offer letter templates here.
  3. If you want employees and candidates to electronically sign the offer letter, ask a Super Admin on the team to enable our Docusign or Adobe Sign integration through our integration settings page.

How do I generate an offer?

Any user who has access to a candidate's opportunity has access to create an offer for it. Thus, offers in Lever can be created by Super Admins, Admins, Team Members and Limited Team Members; Interviewers do not have access to create offers.

Open the opportunity, change their stage to "Offer", and click the "Create offer" blue bar. You can also create an offer from the "..." menu.


Fill out the "Offer details" and click "Next".


If you have offer approvals enabled for your team, you may see the following step appear. This step displays the offer approval chain for the job posting linked to your offer. Your offer must be approved before you can proceed to create the offer letter for the candidate.


After your offer has been approved or if your offer doesn't require approval, click next.

How do I send an offer outside of Lever?


If you're currently sending offer letters outside of Lever, you can manually update the opportunity by clicking "Sending offer outside of Lever?". Upload a signed copy of the candidate's offer letter or indicate that the offer was declined:


How do I send out an offer through Lever?

If there are template placeholders that were not on the offer form, we'll prompt you to fill out that information on this step. Any placeholders that aren't filled out won't be defined on the offer letter, and you don't want that!

Please note: If an offer template placeholder was on the offer form and not filled out on that step, you must discard the offer's approval and go back to that step to fill it out.

Upon filling out all of the placeholder information, preview the offer letter to ensure that it looks ready to go.

You can further customize your offer email to candidates at the bottom of the page.


Lastly, review and click "Send offer".


Who can view details about the offer?

Offers are only visible to Super Admins, Admins, and a subset of other people. For all of the information, read through this list of other offer participants in this help article.

On the opportunity, you can confirm who can view offer details by looking at the offer section in the upper righthand corner of the profile and clicking on the linked text that says "# others".


If a candidate accepts or declines an offer, the offer status will be visible in the offer section to those who have access. 



Users who don't have access to view offer details will see this icon and message when they hover:


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