How do I use Diversity Surveys?

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Lever's Diversity Surveys allow you to create customizable surveys and track candidate responses, providing the data you need in order to understand your team's progress on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Where can I find Diversity Surveys?

Lever's Diversity Surveys feature is located under the top navigation bar More -> Surveys. Once this feature has been released to your account, visit your Surveys settings to configure Diversity Surveys.

Configuring the survey


You can configure your Diversity Survey in three easy steps! Begin the configuration process by clicking on "Configure survey" next to the gear icon.

1. Questions

This is where you will create the questionnaire that is presented to candidates. There is a default survey already configured, but it is highly recommended that you edit the survey so that the information gathered will be relevant to your company's diversity efforts.

First, decide on a title and provide candidates with instructions. The instructions should contain everything that candidates need to know before filling out the survey, including why you are asking them for this information. Next, you'll need to decide on what questions to ask. Additionally, you can add clarifying instructions by clicking on "Add description" under the question title. You'll also need to add response options for each question.

Decide on how you want candidates to respond to your questions - Diversity Survey supports multiple choice and multiple select type questions. You can use the ellipsis menu on the right to duplicate or delete questions, and you can use the arrows to re-order your questions. To delete a response option, hover to the right of the response option and click on the trashcan icon that is revealed.


2. Locations

The next step is to configure which location type you wish to use: Posting locations or candidate self-selection. Note: only one location type can be active at a time.


Posting Locations

Configure which posting locations determine which survey is presented as part of the application process. You can include the survey on all postings by selecting "All locations" or you can select "Choose locations..." and decide on a per-location basis. The survey will appear on all Lever-hosted application pages where the posting is based in one of the selected locations. This includes the external and internal job sites.


Candidate self-selection

Configure which candidate self-selected locations determine which survey is presented as part of the application process separate from the job posting location. Include a survey by choosing locations (these are identical to those shown in the Locations settings page). Note: a location cannot be selected for more than one Diversity survey. The location option will not be selectable, and a message will inform you that the location is already in use by another survey.


3. Non-applicants

The final step is configuring the delivery of the survey for non-applicants. You can choose whether or not you want to survey candidates that did not apply via the job site. Next, you'll need to specify a threshold stage. A survey will be sent to a candidate if they are associated with an opportunity that was not created via the job site and advanced to, or beyond, the threshold stage. A survey will also be sent if a non-job site opportunity is added to the candidate's profile while they are in, or beyond, the threshold stage. Any changes made to these settings will be applied across all diversity surveys because the candidate's location will not be known until after the candidate receives the email and navigates to the link to self-select their location.



The stages "New Lead" and "New Applicant" may not be used as trigger stages. This is to prevent sourced and referred candidates from unintentionally receiving the survey when they are added to your pipeline.

When the survey is triggered, Lever will send a customizable email to the candidate's primary email address and CC their secondary email addresses. Use the "Survey email" section to customize your email. You can add auto-text tokens using the "<->" menu on the right. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Show preview" to see what your email will look like. The email can only be triggered once per posting, but a candidate may receive multiple email surveys if they have multiple postings. Once submitted, survey responses are not editable.



Your survey must contain the "{{Survey link}}" auto-text token. If you do not include the token, it will be automatically appended to the end of your email.

A story will be added to the profile when the survey is sent to the candidate. If you manually add a job posting to a candidate's profile, the survey will send 15 minutes after the posting is added. This will help prevent accidental surveys from being sent!



How will the survey look to the candidate?

Posting Location type: The specified survey will automatically be presented to the candidate on the application page according to the job posting location.


Candidate self-selection type: On the application page, the candidate will first be presented with a dropdown to select a location prior to the survey questions. If the candidate selects a location that is not associated with a survey, they will see a message informing them that no further action is required and that they have completed the survey requirements.


Non-applicants: (Trigger stage + survey link via email) a link is sent to the candidate when the opportunity enters or surpasses the specified stage in settings. Once the candidate clicks on the link, the experience is identical as for an applicant.


You can easily download the responses to your survey in the Reports section of Lever. You can navigate there by clicking "Download spreadsheet" under Diversity on the "Surveys" tab in your company settings, or you can navigate there directly by going to Only Super Admins can download this data.


The information in the survey results is very sensitive. Be careful about how you handle and share data from this report. Additionally, the results are anonymized and not available in a non-anonymized format.

To download the survey, select the start and end dates that you would like to report on. You can also use the dropdown menu to select "smart" timeframes, such as year to date, last month, or trailing quarter. Click "Download spreadsheet" and your report will be generated!


Diversity Surveys provide a flexible way to measure demographic data that are important to your company.

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