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The Lever - Paylocity Onboarding integration requires set-up by both the Paylocity and Lever teams. If you are interested in using this integration, reach out to your Paylocity support representative as well as contact Lever Support.

As an official Paylocity partner, Lever makes it easy to seamlessly push hired candidate information to your Paylocity instances. Streamline the recruiting to HR process and minimize time spent on manual data entry.

Graphic of information passed from hired candidate profile to Paylocity.

This is a one-way sync of new hire data from Lever to Paylocity Onboarding, where the new hire sync initiates when a candidate is archived as 'Hired' in Lever, it passes over the candidate info from Lever, generates a unique Paylocity username, and creates a new onboarding record in your Paylocity Onboarding instances. Readers of this article will learn about...

Enabling the Paylocity integration

Start by reaching out to your Paylocity representative to request that they enable the Lever integration for your Paylocity instance(s). Once they have enabled the integration, your Paylocity representative will provide you with your Paylocity Company ID(s) - one for each instance. Once you have your Paylocity Company ID(s), proceed with the following steps:

  • Log into Lever, navigate to the Offers section in your Settings, and select the Offer Fields tab. Scroll to the ' Custom Placeholders' section (at the bottom of the page) and click the + Add Custom Placeholder button. Type "Paylocity Instance" in the description field and set the placeholder type to 'Dropdown.'

Offer fields list with Paylocity instance custom placeholder circled.

  • Next, navigate to the Offer Form tab of the Offer Settings page and select the offer form to which you wish to add the Paylocity field. Candidate information from hired opportunities associated with offers containing the Paylocity field can be passed to Paylocity. To learn more about creating and managing offer forms, refer to our offer forms help article.
    • Accounts with the LeverTRM for Enterprise package or the Advanced HR add-on have the ability to create multiple offer forms. If your account does not support the ability to create multiple offer forms, you will only be able to add the Paylocity field to your Lever environment's default offer form.

Offer forms page of Offer settings.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the form editor, click the Add Field button, and select the Paylocity Instance custom placeholder field you created in the previous step.

Offer form editor with arrow pointing to Add Field button and Paylocity field in field menu.

  • Click Dropdown options beneath the field block and then click the Add Option button. In the first option field, add a label for your Paylocity instance (such as "Primary" or "Main"). If you have multiple Paylocity instances to which you need to pass candidate information from Lever, add options for each additional instance. We also recommend adding an option labelled "Do not send" to allow for cases where you would like to omit sending a particular candidate to Paylocity Onboarding. For example, in the image below, the placeholder has been set up so that users can select one of two Paylocity instances (one for full time employees, the other for those on an hourly wage) to associate with the new onboarding record.

Close up of Paylocity field block in offer form editor with option fields expanded.

  • Click the Save Changes button at the top of the form editor.
  • Navigate to the Integrations and API section of your Settings, scroll to the 'HRIS and onboarding' section, select the Paylocity toggle, and click the Send Request to Enable button on the expanded tile. A member of the Lever Support team will contact you to request the labels you created in the previous step as well as the associated Paylocity company IDs. Note, if you choose to include "Do not send" as a label, it will not be associated with any Paylocity company ID.

Paylocity tile on Integrations and API page with arrow pointing to Request to Enable button.

  • Once the member of Lever Support has confirmed that the labels and Paylocity company IDs have been linked, proceed to set-up any additional fields you require on the offer form and/or candidate profile form (see below).

Field mapping between Lever and Paylocity

When a candidate is archived as 'Hired,' Lever will look for the necessary candidate information to pass to Paylocity in order to create their onboarding record. Information is pulled from the 'Paylocity Onboarding' form attached to the candidate profile (henceforth referred to as the 'candidate profile form'), the offer form, and candidate profile in Lever in that order. In other words, when looking for information to pull into the Paylocity onboarding record...

  • Lever will first look for information on the candidate profile form attached to the hired candidate's profile. Refer to our help article on forms to learn to fill one out and attach it to a candidate profile. If the candidate profile form is absent or the required field has not been filled out...
  • Lever will look for that information on the offer form associated with the offer sent to the hired candidate. Refer to our help article on creating offers for more detail on how to fill out the offer form. If the offer form is absent or the required field has not been filled out...
  • Lever will look for that information on the candidate profile itself. If the required field does not exist or has not been filled out on the candidate profile...
  • The field will appear blank on the Paylocity onboarding record.


'Candidate profile form' refers to a form that is filled out and attached to a candidate's profile. Forms can be drafted and attached to record specific information related to a candidate. This is different from the candidate profile itself, which is refers to the collection of generic candidate information (name, contact information, opportunities record, etc). Instructions on how to set-up a form for Paylocity Onboarding that can then be attached to a candidate's profile can be found in the next section of this article.

Expand the menu options below to read how to configure the candidate profile form and offer form so that information is properly pulled into Paylocity.

Candidate profile form configuration
  • Navigate to Settings > Forms and click the New Form button.
  • Title the form 'Paylocity Onboarding'
  • Add the following questions to the form, each with the response type 'Text (Single Line):'
    • Paylocity User Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
  • Click the Save Changes button in the upper-right of the form editor.
Offer form configuration
  • Navigate to Settings > Offers and click the 'Offer Form' tab at the top of the page.
  • Select the default offer form
    • If your Lever package supports the ability to create multiple offer forms, repeat the following steps for each custom offer form that contains the Paylocity field.
  • In the form editor, ensure the following fields are present, adding any missing fields via the + Add Field button:
    • Candidate name
    • Candidate address line 1
    • Candidate address line 2
    • Anticipated start date
    • Paylocity instance (refer to the setup instructions above to learn how to generate this field)

Below is a breakdown of how fields from the candidate profile form, offer form, and candidate profile in Lever are mapped to the Paylocity onboarding object, respective of the order in which Lever looks for information (outlined above). Only the candidate information fields listed in the table can be passed from Lever to Paylocity.

Lever Field Paylocity Field First rank source Second rank source Third rank source
Paylocity User Name username Candidate profile form Offer form Candidate profile
First Name First Name Candidate profile form Offer form Candidate profile
Last Name Last Name Candidate profile form Offer form Candidate profile
Address 1 Address 1 Candidate profile form Offer form None
Address 2 Address 2 Candidate profile form Offer form None
City City Candidate profile form Offer form None
State State Candidate profile form Offer form None
Zip Zip Candidate profile form Offer form None
Anticipated start date Expected start from Offer form None None
Paylocity Instance N/A Offer form None None


The screenshots below show examples of how candidate information from Lever is mapped to a Paylocity onboarding record.

Pre-populated profile information fields on employee onboarding record in Paylocity.

Pre-populated personal information fields on employee onboarding record in Paylocity.

Disabling the Paylocity integration

To disable the Paylocity integration:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API and scroll to the 'HRIS and onboarding' section.
  • Expand the Paylocity integration tile and click Revoke

Paylocity integration tile in Lever with toggle in on position and arrow pointing to Revoke button.

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