How to upload an image to an API key

Available for User roles Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

If you would like to surface images alongside objects created via the data API, you have the ability to add an image to an API key any time a new key is created. To create a new API key, visit the API credentials tab of your Integrations settings. Under “Lever API Credentials,” click the “generate new key” button. 

Once you have begun the key generation process, you will have the option to drag and drop your image, or upload an image from your computer to be used by the API key.


The image you select must be in .png format, and smaller than 500 kb. For best results, use a square image no larger than 400x400 pixels and is on a white, or solid color background.


After uploading an image to an API key, this image will be displayed in Lever on objects (ex. forms, notes) created using this key. The endpoints that will display this image when a key is used are denoted by an asterisk when selecting the permissions for your API key. Currently, images can be used with the create note and create profile forms endpoints.


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