How do I send e-signature requests?

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Once you've enabled DocuSign in your account, you can easily generate requests for signature within Lever using DocuSign, and can generate them at any stage or step in your recruiting process. For help using DocuSign in offers, check here.

Whether it's an NDA, Relocation Bonus Agreement, or Travel Reimbursement Agreement, you can choose the relevant documents, generate an envelope, send the request, and have the status updated in real time - all without ever leaving Lever.

Preparing the document

To start, you'll want to prepare the document you want signed. Once you've confirmed the document type is supported by DocuSign, it needs to be formatted correctly. If the candidate is free to sign anywhere on the document, then you don't need to add any DocuSign placeholders. If, however, you want them to sign on a specific line, you'll want to insert a DocuSign placeholder in the appropriate place. Currently, Lever supports the following DocuSign placeholders (that will prompt the signer for the information in their exact location in the document):

  • {{candidate_signature}}
  • {{candidate_name}}
  • {{candidate_signed_date}}

Tip: Make sure your placeholder font is 'white' so that they don't actually appear on the document! If you're sending multiple documents, they'll be combined into a single envelope. If a signature is required for each document in the envelope, include a candidate signature placeholder in each document.

Tip: Ensure that the document is within the 25MB file size limit.

Sending the document for signature

Once the document has been prepared, you can use it to generate a signature request in Lever, either by adding it to an email template, or by inserting it into an email to a candidate. In both cases, the experience of adding the email is the same.

Please note: It is not currently possible to send signature requests using bulk email, Nurture, or in application confirmation emails.

1. Start by writing your email template, and clicking the '<> Insert' menu to find the 'Signature Link' option:

2. Next, you'll be prompted to select a file from your computer. Once you've selected the correct, pre-formatted document, it will insert as a placeholder into your email, and will be attached with a special icon indicating it is a signature request document.

Tip: If you're sending multiple documents, they'll be combined into a single envelope. If you would like to send in separate envelopes, you should send a different email for each.


Please note: You can add a document to a one-off email using the same '<> Insert' menu!

3. Add your template to an email, and send it to the candidate! You'll see the special icon once the document has been added:


4. Once you've sent the email, you'll see the special attachment icon on the email on the profile, and the files will be added with a special [Sent] tag :


5. Once the candidate has opened the envelope, then signed it, the status will update accordingly:




Candidate experience

The candidate will receive the email from you with the signing link to their envelope to sign. They will not receive any additional emails from DocuSign.

If you've added specific placeholders, they'll be prompted to sign in the set location:


Otherwise, they'll be able to choose where to insert their signature where they choose:


Once the document is signed, they'll be able to view the signed version by navigating to the link again.


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