Adding e-signature requests to emails

Available for User roles Can only be configured by Super Admins
Products LeverTRM for Enterprise, Pro or Enterprise (legacy packages), and/or Advanced Automation add-on

Lever's DocuSign integration allows you to embed requests for e-signatures directly within your emails to candidates. This functionality is useful for getting candidates to sign documents such NDAs and Bonus Agreements, and monitoring the status of those requests all without having to leave Lever. Readers of this article will learn about...

Before proceeding, note that you must have the DocuSign integration enabled in your organization's Lever environment in order to use this functionality. To learn how to enable the integration, refer to our DocuSign integration help article.


The functionality described in this article does not apply to Offers or Offer templates. For more information on how candidate signatures are captured on Offers, refer to our help article on creating offer templates.

Formatting a document to receive an e-signature

Before getting started, check DocuSign's list of supported file types to make sure that the file type of document you are preparing is supported. Also note that the document can be no larger than 25 MB in size.

If you want the candidate to sign, add their name, or the date in a specific location on the document, you will need to insert the corresponding  placeholder at that location. Lever supports the following DocuSign placeholders:

  • {{candidate_signature}}
  • {{candidate_name}}
  • {{candidate_signed_date}}

The candidate will be prompted to input the required information at the location in the document where you have inserted the placeholder. Lever does not support the placement of any other placeholders or text fields other than those into which a candidate inputs their signature, name, or the date. Once placed, change the font color of the placeholder to white so that it does not actually appear on the document. If the candidate is free to sign anywhere on the document, then no placeholders are required.


If you are sending multiple documents, they will be combined into a single envelope. If a signature is required for each document in the envelope, include a candidate signature placeholder in each document.

Sending a document with a request for signature

Once you have properly formatted your document, you can send it to candidates by attaching it directly to an email or including it in an email template. The process for adding the signature request document described below applies to both one-off emails to candidates as well as email templates.


It is not currently possible to send signature request documents in application confirmation emails, bulk emails, or Nurture email campaigns.
  • In the email editor, click the <•> Insert button in the upper-right corner and select DocuSign Link from the menu that appears.
  • When prompted, select the signature request document that you have formatted. The document will be inserted to the email (or email template) as a placeholder (denoted by braces {{ }} on either side) and attached with a ⤓ icon indicating that it is a signature request document.

Email tempalte editor with arrows pointing to attached document and signature request placeholder.

  • Proceed to send the email to the candidate. If you added the signature request document to an email template, you will need to insert that template in the email composer when emailing a candidate before sending.

Email editor with arrows pointing to attached document and signature request placeholder.

  • Once the email has been sent, the signature request document will be listed under the Files menu on the opportunity profile preceded by the tag "[Sent]."

Close-up of file menu on candidate profile with sent document listed.

  • When the candidate opens and signs the signature request document, the tag will change to "[Opened]" and "[Signed]" respectively.

Close-up of file menu on candidate profile with signed document listed.


If you are sending multiple signature request documents, they will be combined into a single envelope. If you would like to send in the documents in different envelopes, you should send a separate email for each.

The candidate will receive the email from you with the signing link to their envelope. They will not receive any additional emails from DocuSign. If you have added placeholders within the document, the candidate will be prompted to sign at the locations at which you placed them.

Candidate view of document with arrow pointing to specific location for signature.

If there are no placeholders in the document, the candidate will be able to insert their signature (and only their signature) anywhere on the document.

Live image of candidate dragging and dropping their signature onto a document.

Once the document is signed, the candidate will be able to view the signed version by re-opening the link to the document.

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