How do I get started with Lever as an Admin?

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With this guide, you can: create job postings, add users to your account, create email templates, and change the status of a candidate.
Note: This article is part 2 of a series. Make sure you've read our guide How to get started with Lever first. If you hover over your initials or avatar in the top right corner, and it says "Super Admin" or "Admin" below your email address, this article is for you! If you're a hiring manager who will be doing your own interview scheduling, continue on to our article How to get started scheduling with Lever. If you have an Interviewer access role, skip this article and read How to get started with Lever as an Interviewer.

Welcome to Lever!

Once you're able to navigate your Lever account and you're familiar with your candidate pipeline, you're ready for more advanced tasks like:

How to create new job postings

Adding new job postings is easy! Head to your Jobs page and click "Add Job Posting".


Give your job posting a title, then tell us where the role is located, which team or department they'll be working in, and what kind of position it is (full time, internship, remote, etc). Don't see what you need? You can edit these menus.

The Posting owner is responsible for updating candidate profiles (moving them through the pipeline, sending rejection emails, archiving candidates). At most companies, the posting owner is the recruiter responsible for filling the position. The Hiring manager makes the final call about which candidate is hired. This can be the same person as the Posting owner but doesn't have to be. Usually, the hiring manager is the person to whom the new employee will report.

Let Lever know whether this job should appear to the world, just your own employees, both, or neither. Learn more about your options here.

Next it's time to begin writing out your job description. 

Note: Most job descriptions could use a refresh. Follow our best practices to create postings which attract top talent.


Create an exciting opening to draw in top talent. If you re-use some content across multiple job postings, we recommend creating job posting templates to save time and ensure consistency. In the example above, we've created a standard opening paragraph about our organization through a template - but we still have the ability to add a custom paragraph which is specific to the role itself.

Add bulleted lists to organize expectations, responsibilities, benefits, and more.


Don't neglect the closing paragraph(s) - this is your final chance to convince top quality talent to apply! You can create a job posting template to re-use a closing paragraph across multiple job postings.

Once you've built out the role's description, you can add custom application questions.You can attach multiple sets of custom questions to a job posting. For example, you may create a set of standard questions, which is reused across multiple job postings, as well as a set of questions relevant to one specific job posting.

All finished? Click "Create Posting" to create a default interview plan to streamline your interview process. Assign the appropriate feedback form, interviewer, duration - or all three! - to your interview plan, and Lever will remember these details for you later. (Nothing's set in stone, though! When you're scheduling an interview with a candidate, you'll be able to change any of these.)



Once you've set up an interview plan, depending on your organization's setup, you may be asked to submit your job posting for approval.


You're all done! By turning on our one-click integrations with LinkedIn and Glassdoor, Lever will automatically share your job postings. You can also click "Add a job board" to create custom URLs to share across different websites. Finally, your employees will be able to generate social referral links. Nice work!

How to add new users

We recommend adding everyone in your organization to Lever, because every member of your team can make great referrals from their network or participate in the interview process.

That doesn't mean everyone should have access to everything, of course! Lever makes it easy to ensure your colleagues can see everything they should - and nothing they shouldn't see.

Adding admins, recruiters, and hiring managers


Every user in Lever has an access role, which controls who they can see in your candidate pipeline. Most users also have sensitive information privileges, which control what they can see about each candidate.

Linking a user to a candidate profile ensures they'll never be able to see their own profile, regardless of their access to Lever.

Adding the rest of your organization


What Lever looks like to an Interviewer-level user.

"I'm supposed to add my entire company? Most people here never even interview candidates!"

We understand! Most Lever users at an organization have the Interviewer access role. The only activities that Interviewers can perform in Lever are: seeing resumes for candidates they're scheduled to interview, submitting interview feedback, submitting referrals, creating referral links to share on social media. Not scheduled for any interviews? This screen will be pretty blank. ;)

How to move/archive/hire candidates

Moving candidates to another pipeline stage

Moving candidates is easy! You can do so from the candidate profile by selecting the new pipeline stage from the dropdown menu:


You can also change the pipeline status of multiple candidates at once by clicking the checkboxes next to their names and then the bulk pipeline stage change button:



Note: Move candidates to the "Offer" stage even if you aren't sending out offer letters through Lever. Doing so will protect any sensitive conversations with colleagues or candidates, and help you track your offer/hire ratio.

Moving a candidate to the archive

If a candidate isn't moving forward, move them into your archive by selecting an archive reason from the dropdown menu in the candidate profile.

Here's our recommended workflow:

Archive reason + Email template + Time to send = you're all done!

Screen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_4.46.41_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_4.58.23_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_4.41.37_PM.png

Select candidates + select archive reason + opt to send email. (single/multiple candidates)

Screen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_4.47.03_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-04-09_at_4.42.23_PM.png

Select email template + select time to send. (single/multiple candidates)

Lever makes it easy to keep your pipeline up to date while still delivering a great candidate experience - even when you're working in bulk!

Moving candidates to Hired

Congratulations on growing the team! We treat hired candidates a little differently - as soon as you move a candidate to Hired, we'll protect their data from prying eyes. When you're ready, change the candidate's pipeline stage to Hired.

Only Super Admins and Admins with the right permissions can see information about Hired candidates. Any other user will be blocked:


When you add your new hire to your Lever account, you can link their profile to make sure they can never see their own candidate profile:


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