What actions can I take in Tableau using web view?

Available for User roles Users with assigned LTI seats.
Packages Select Lever packages

Through Tableau's Web View your team can view available data in real time and dig deeper into the team's performance!

Actions which are possible in Tableau web view

For more information about the Creator, Explorer and Viewer site roles, see the Tableau help article here.

Creators can:

  • Make new connections to data in the browser
  • Build and publish data sources and workbooks from the browser or Tableau desktop
  • Use Dashboard Starters
  • Everything else that Explorers and Viewers can do

Explorers can:

  • Connect to published data sources on the site to create new workbooks
  • Edit and analyze data in published workbooks (Save and Save As options vary based on permissions)
  • Create data alerts and custom views, download content (options vary based on permissions)
  • Everything else that Viewers can do

Viewers can:

  • See published and custom views others have created
  • Explore the data in a view using filters and legends, sorting and tooltips
  • Share, comment on, and download content (options vary based on permissions)

Actions which are not possible in Tableau web view

At this time, the following actions are only possible via Tableau Desktop:

  • Editing + overriding another user’s workbook
  • Editing column widths
  • Establishing/modifying relationships between dashboards

Should your team need to complete any of the above tasks and does not have Tableau desktop, please reach out to our Support Team to assist with these changes.

For more information about interacting with Tableau web view, see this Tableau help article

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