How do I enable and use the CoderPad integration?

Available for User Roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Plan All Enterprise and Professional plans

CoderPad integration allows Lever users to create CoderPad interview sessions for candidates to gauge a candidate’s coding and problem-solving abilities by applying the "coderpad" tag to the candidate profile.

Please note: Lever's integration with CoderPad is only available to users with CoderPad plans which support organizations.


Generating Lever API Key and webhook signing token

  • In order to configure the integration with CoderPad, users on a Professional plan should have a Super Admin on your Lever Hire account log into their integration settings page and click the toggle for CoderPad which can be found under the "Interviewing" section.


  • They will then be able to click the blue Send Request to Enable button which will notify Lever Support of your request.
  • A member of Lever Support will then reach out to you with a secure link to download the key. 
  • Navigate to the Lever's Settings > integrations > Webhooks tab
  • Under the Webhook signing token, click on 'Generate token' and copy the generated token



Provide CoderPad with Lever Credentials



Webhook Configuration

  • Navigate back to Lever's Settings > integrations > Webhooks tab > Under webhook configuration
  • Enable candidate stage change webhook and set up the URL that you get back from the CoderPad integration
  • Press Verify. Once verified you’ll see a check appear next to the Verify’ button. You can include or remove the 'https://' from CoderPad - both will work!


Create CoderPad interview sessions

The CoderPad integration will look for the candidates with the “coderpad” tag applied to them. To add the tag to a candidate, you just need to navigate to the candidate profile and add the tag under the ‘Add Tag’ section. Once the tag is added to the candidate profile and they're advanced to the Phone Screen stage, CoderPad will create a pad for them.


You also automatically tag candidates based on which Postings they have applied to. To do this, navigate to your Jobs tab, and select the posting that you’d like to add the tag to. Once you’re brought into the posting editor, and you’ll see a section on the right menu for Tags’ add “coderpad” there. All subsequent applicants will automatically have the tag applied to their profile!


Once, you’ve setup Lever and CoderPad and tagged specific jobs or candidates with “coderpad” and the candidate is moved to the Phone Screen stage. CoderPad will create a pad and link it to the candidate profile. 


Please note: Make sure that you only move “coderpad” tagged candidates into Phone Screen when you really mean it. Remember also that you can disable this for a single candidate by removing their “coderpad” tag.

Simply, copy the Coderpad link and include it in the interview invitation email.


Once the CoderPad interview is finished, the same link will serve as a record of the interview. You should be able to playback the history of the interview sessions from that same link. You may also find it helpful to copy code from the interview into a candidate note.

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