How do I push candidates to Enboarder to kick off new hire onboarding?

Available for User roles Limited Team Members, Team Members, Admins, and Super Admins. Can only be configured by Super Admins
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Hiring a candidate? Want to make their onboarding as painless as possible for everyone involved? Make it easy on yourself and for your new hires by enabling the integration with Enboarder. As soon as you've marked a candidate as hired in Lever, their information will be automatically sent over to Enboarder where you can start setting up their own personalized and relevant onboarding experience.

As an official Enboarder partner, the Lever-Enboarder integration seamlessly sends new hire data from Lever to Enboarder when candidates are hired in Lever. Available information from the candidate profile, requisition, offer, and profile form are pre-populated in Enboarder, and therefore saves time and improves data entry quality. Currently the Enboarder integration supports one function: “Candidate Hired”. This event in Lever will start a workflow in Enboarder.


The Enboarder integration requires some set up by the Lever team. If you're interested in using Lever's Enboarder integration, please reach out to the Lever


Flip on the Enboarder toggle and request to enable

Super Admin on the Lever Hire account should navigate to their integration settings page and locate the Enboarder integration in the HRIS and onboarding section. Select the toggle to expand the window, and then click the "Send Request to Enable" button.


As you click the "Send Request to Enable" button, a Lever support representative will automatically be notified of your request and will provision the key on your behalf and send you a secure link to download the key. 

Generating webhook signing token



Set up Lever API key within Enboarder

  • Navigate to Enboarder.
  • Log in and go to Settings > Integration > Other applications > Select Lever.
  • Add your Lever API key and Webhook signing token.

Enboarder1.png Enboarder-IntegrateNow.png

Webhook Configuration

  • Navigate back to Lever's Settings > Integrations > Webhooks tab > Under webhook configuration.
  • Enable Candidate Hired webhook and set up the URL that you get back from the Enborarder integration. WebhookConfiguration.pngWebhookConfigured.png
  • Press Verify. Once verified you’ll see a check appear next to the 'Verify' button. You can include or remove the 'https://' from Enboarder - both will work! ConnectionVerified.png
  • Once the webhook has been verified, the integration will fetch new hire candidate data from Lever to Enboarder.

Launch a new workflow from Lever

    • To kick off the integration, hire a candidate in Lever by archiving the candidate as "Hired" once the offer is signed.ArchiveAsHire.png


This integration will only work on implementations that have Offer generation done via Lever.
    • Within a few minutes of the candidate being hired in Lever, the configured webhook will trigger and the new hire data will be pulled from Lever, launching a workflow in Enboarder.Hired.png
Tip: Before hiring the candidate, make sure that all desired fields are filled out on the candidate, requisition, and offer pages. The more fields present and populated in Lever, the more fields that will be pre-populated in Enboarder.
  • In Enboarder, under the report section, you can track the onboarding progress of the hired candidate.
  • Click the row to view the complete details of the candidate record.Image_11.png
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