How do I reject or archive candidates in bulk?

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Please note: In the coming months, we will be migrating all existing customers to our updated user interface and data model. Because of this, you may be viewing a help article that is not applicable to the version of Lever you are using! If your team began using Lever after August 1st, 2019, if you manage "opportunities" in Lever, or if the screenshots below do not match what you see in your account, please visit this article for information that is most applicable to you.


Archiving profiles in bulk

If you would like to archive many candidates at once, or if you would like to archive many applications at once, head over to your Candidates list. Select multiple candidates by checking the boxes next to their names, and choose “Archive” from the bulk action bar.


If you would like to move all of the selected candidates into your archive and archive all active applications, you should select “Archive everything” from the “Choose job” dropdown menu. To notify all of the affected candidates, select the option to send an email, and you will be taken to the email editor.


Remember that archiving a profile in this way will archive all active job applications on their profile!

Archiving applications in bulk

If you've recently filled or closed a job posting, you can archive all candidates for that specific job posting. If those candidates are being considered for multiple job postings, they will only be archived for the job posting you select. If those candidates are only being considered for the job posting you select, their entire profile will be archived.

After selecting multiple candidate profiles, you’ll be given the option to select “Archive” from the bulk actions bar. From here, you will be able to select which job you would like to archive from the selected profiles. Each role listed in the “Choose job” dropdown menu exists on at least one of the selected candidates. If you've selected candidates without any active considerations on their profile, the drop down menu will also have an option called "General consideration.”


After selecting a role to archive, you must select an archive reason, and can also choose to send an email to the affected candidates. Electing to dismiss pending feedback requests will stop email reminders for feedback from interviews that were scheduled for the application you are archiving.

You may also see the option to remove upcoming interviews if there are any scheduled for the application you are archiving. Selecting this option means that the associated calendar events will be cancelled and those participating in the interview will be notified by your calendar provider. If you've chosen to send the candidate a calendar event, they will be notified as well!


If you are using our O365 email and calendar integration, you will not have the option to delete calendar events for upcoming interviews in bulk. This is due to limitations with Microsoft's API. You will still see the list of candidates that have upcoming interviews. You can use this list to navigate directly to the candidates' profiles and cancel the interviews. When you cancel an interview directly from the profile, the calendar event will be deleted as well.


If you've elected to send an email, the next steps of the process will consist of drafting and previewing your email. 


If a candidate has active applications for multiple roles, only the role that you specify will be archived. The profile will remain in your active pipeline so that you can continue to evaluate the candidate for their additional applications. If no active applications remain, the profile will be moved into your archive.

This functionality is useful when you want to close a posting and notify all related candidates, but still consider these candidates for other roles they may have applied for. We recommend using the left sidebar to filter the Candidates list by the specific posting and archiving the related applications from the bulk actions menu. Then you can safely close the posting.

Updating archive reasons or unarchiving in bulk

It is also possible to change profile archive reasons or unarchive profiles via the bulk action menu. Navigate to your archive, and select the profiles that you'd like to update. To move the profiles to another archive reason, select the "archive" button.


To unarchive many profiles, click on the “v” button in the bulk action menu, and select “unarchive candidates” from the dropdown menu. This will unarchive the candidate profile and all applications on the profile.

Archive many candidates, but just for a while

When there is a group of candidates who you'd like to remember to reach out to at a later date, take advantage of our snooze feature. Simply select multiple candidates and choose the "snooze" option from the bulk actions menu.


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