How do I enable and configure the Py integration with Lever?

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We're excited to be partnering with Py to enable our customers to automatically send Py tests to your candidates via Lever.


1. A Super Admin on the Lever Hire account should navigate to their integration settings page and locate the Py integration.

2. Select the toggle to expand the window, and then click the "Send Request to Enable" button. 


3. A Lever support representative will automatically be notified of your request and will reach out to request authorization to create a data API key in your account with access to the following endpoints:

  • read stage
  • read candidate
  • list stages
  • list candidates
  • update candidate stage
  • remove candidate tag
  • create tag
  • create candidate
  • add candidate tags

4. Once you have granted authorization, Lever will provision the key and provide a secure link to download it.

5. You may then reach out to your Py account manager with the following information:

  • Lever Data API key
  • Stage Name: the name of the Lever stage that will trigger a Py test ("Trigger Stage").
  • Default Py Test (Optional): For each Trigger Stage, you can optinally set a Default Py Test to be sent.
  • Pass Threshold (Optional): If the candidates scores at or above the Pass Threshold, the candidate will automatically be marked with the tag "Py - Pass".
  • Fail Threshold (Optional): If the candidates scores at or below the Fail Threshold, the candidate will automatically be marked with the tag "Py - Fail".

Tip: The Py integration supports multiple trigger stages and you may configure a different default test for each. Simply let your Py account manager know which stages you would like to configure and the default test for each.

6. You must also request the Lever Webhook URL from your Py Account Manager. Once you receive this URL, add it to the "Candidate Stage Change" field in Lever's Webhook Settings, then click "Verify Connection" to make sure it works.


Sending a Py Test from Lever

Once you've completed setup, any candidate who reaches your Trigger Stage will be sent an invitation to take the Py test. You'll then be able to see the status in a tag on the candidate profile in Lever.


After they've completed the Py assessment, the tag in Lever will be updated based upon their performance:

  • "Py - Needs Review" - this tag will be applied to any candidate who falls between the pass/fail thresholds, or for all candidates if no thresholds are specified.
  • "Py - Pass" - This tag will be applied to candidates complete the test at or above the pass threshold.
  • "Py - Fail" - This tag will be applied to candidates who complete the test at or below the fail threshold.

Once Py sends Lever a result, a link will be added to the links section with the Py report.


Overriding your Default Test

During setup, you have the option to specify a default test to send to all candidates that reach the Trigger Stage. If you would like to send specific tests for different candidates or roles, you may override the default test. In order to override the default test, simply add a tag with the exact name of the test to the candidate's profile before advancing them to the Trigger Stage. The integration will then match the name on the candidate tag to the appropriate Py test and send it to the candidate.


Users who choose to not configure a default test must specify the name of the desired Py test as a tag on each candidate, prior to advancing them to the trigger stage. To simplify this process, you may also add the Py test tag directly to your job posting at the time it is created. This way, each candidate who applies to the job will automatically receive a tag on their candidate profile with the name of the Py test. For more information see the "Candidate Tags by Posting" section of our Help Center article on Tags.

Please note: If no test is configured, either as a default or as a candidate tag, then the integration will not send an invitation to the candidate!

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