How do I schedule a private interview?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Plans Available for all plans using GSuite, Office 365, or ICS to schedule through Lever

If you are scheduling an interview in Lever and would like to keep the calendar event details hidden, you can easily do so by setting its visibility to private.

Please note: Scheduling an interview as private will only affect the visibility of the event on your team’s calendars. In Lever, the interview details will be visible to any users with access to the candidate’s profile.

To schedule a private interview, first select your interviewers and assign feedback forms to each interview event. When you are ready to proceed, click the “schedule” button.


Here, you will see a summary of the calendar invitation that will be sent to your interview panel. To hide the details of the invitation to those not on the interview panel, make sure the “set as private event” checkbox is selected.


If you are scheduling an interview for an internal candidate — candidate profiles where Origin is equal to ‘Internal’ — it is likely that the interview details are sensitive in nature, so the interview’s visibility will default to private. For all other interviews, the calendar invite visibility will default to public. You can easily change the visibility of any interview by checking or unchecking the visibility checkbox.

Once your private interview has been scheduled, the interview visibility will be indicated by a “private” label on the candidate profile.


Tip: You can update the visibility of an existing interview by rescheduling!

Who can view a private interview?

A private event’s details are only visible to the scheduler, members of the interview panel, and any colleagues who have been granted permission to view private events on your calendar. To all others, the event details will be hidden. To check or update who has access to view private events on your calendar, you must visit the settings of your calendar provider.


Tip: We recommend checking that the title of your private event isn't displayed outside of the conference room you've booked. If it is, you'll need to adjust the settings of your conference room display integration.

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