What is an interview stage?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Packages Select Lever Packages

As candidates advance in your hiring process, you will move them through the stages of your Lever pipeline. When a candidate reaches an interview stage, you will notice that you are prompted to schedule an interview with the candidate. These prompts will be visible on the candidate list and on each candidate profile while it is in an interview stage.



Interview stages are configured during your Lever implementation, but our Support team can update this for you at any time! Simply submit a request and we will work with you to determine which stages should be interview stages.

Interview stages can increase user efficiency by clearly indicating when a scheduling action needs to be taken on a candidate. Once an interview has been scheduled for a candidate in that stage, the prompts will disappear to indicate that scheduling for that stage has been completed.

If there is a stage in your pipeline that has been classified as an interview stage incorrectly, simply submit a request to our Support team and they will update it for you. Non-interview stages won’t have the blue “schedule” prompts, and you won’t be asked if you’d like to save an interview plan for that stage. However, you can still schedule an interview or save a plan from the posting editor if you would like.

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