What are dynamic offer sections and how do I configure in my offer template?


Lever’s Dynamic Offer Sections can easily reduce the amount of offer templates you and your team need to create and manage per role (or for separate roles) by generating paragraph text from your offer letter. Dynamic Offers can minimize the time you spend on creating different offer templates for information such as, candidate bonus, relocation or equity in an offer letter to candidates.

Please note: Dynamic Offers is available for customers using offers in Lever. Lever’s Dynamic Offers will require you to build conditions and add opening and closing tags to each of your offer templates from your offer settings. The condition format must be edited in your existing offer template and saved as a file using your choice of text editor and uploaded back in Lever. Conditions require an opening tag and a closing tag. The opening tag should always start with a hashtag # and should end with a closing tag {/}

Understanding conditions and how they work in Lever

Conditions populate information in the offer letter, from a rule and value on the offer form. Conditions are based around offer template placeholders, which correspond to a field on the offer. Just like placeholders, conditions are written and inputted directly into your offer letter template. First, please make sure you have defined your offer placeholders here.

Types of conditions to use in your offer template 


Getting Started

Once you have identified which condition format and type you would like use (reference graph above) in your offer template, proceed to your offer template settings in Lever and select the appropriate offer template. 

1. Go to your offer templates settings Screen_Shot_2019-01-09_at_9.44.06_AM.png

2. Download the offer template 


3. Locate the paragraph text you would like to add the appropriate condition format (reference graph above) to select condition format. In the example below, you can see the number condition format is being used. 


4. Save offer template and upload back in Lever.

Final Step

Once you have uploaded your offer template back in Lever. Proceed with your normal workflow when creating an offer to a candidate and then you will see the appropriate paragraph text appear in the candidate's offer. 



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