How do I add custom application questions to a job posting?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, and Team Members
Packages Select Lever packages

Lever makes it easy to add custom questions to your job posting application. You can create unique questions related to a specific job posting, or create standard sets of questions to re-use across multiple job postings.


Lever's resume-parsing technology automatically captures your candidates' most critical information, including email address, previous employers, and contact information - make sure you aren't adding redundant fields!

Creating custom application questions

When creating a job posting, you'll see the ability to add custom questions to your application: Screen_Shot_2019-01-02_at_5.29.26_PM.png

Clicking this dropdown menu will reveal a list of any previous sets of custom application questions which you or your colleagues may have created. If your team hasn't created any questions, or if you'd like to create a new set, select "+ Create application questions" to launch a pop-up window:


Give your question set a name - note that this name will be visible to candidates filling out the application. Asking confidential questions? Check the box "Responses are made secret by default" to restrict these answers to users with the appropriate.

After writing your question, decide whether the question should be required by clicking the asterisk * until it turns orange. Next, select the most appropriate format for your candidates' answers.

Sensitive Information Privileges.



Asking for a cover letter? Use the file upload question format. Our file size limit is 100MB. If you'd like candidates to submit a video, we recommend instructing candidates to upload the video to a cloud service (like Google Drive or Dropbox) and share the video via a link

Click "Add Another Question" to continue adding questions, and use the up and down arrows to rearrange the order of your questions. When you're finished, click Save Changes and click X in the top right corner.

Adding custom application questions to job postings

Once you or a colleague creates a set of custom questions, that set can be re-used across multiple postings. You can attach multiple sets of custom questions to a job posting. For example, you may create a set of standard questions, which is reused across multiple job postings, as well as a set of questions relevant to one specific job posting. Here's an example:


Editing/Removing custom application questions from a Job Posting

Need to make a change to one of your questions? Click on the question set to bring back the pop-up window. Any changes that you make will be reflected on all job postings using that set of custom application questions.

If you want to remove a set of custom questions from a job posting, click the trash can icon to the right hand side. Removing a set of custom questions from a job posting will not remove this set of custom questions from your account.


Removing custom application questions from your account entirely

If you want to remove a set of custom questions from your account entirely, and prevent it from showing up in your dropdown list of custom application questions, click on the questions you wish to remove. In the popup, click the ellipses, and select "DELETE". Note: This will remove the set of custom questions from all Job Postings that it is currently on.


If you want to keep a set of custom questions, and simply delete one custom question from that set, click the ellipses in line with that question, and click "DELETE QUESTION". Note: This will remove the custom question from all Job Postings that it is currently on.


Exporting custom application questions and answers

Super Admins using Lever Professional or Lever Enterprise editions can export a CSV containing a custom application question set and its answers. To do so, navigate to Reports > Exports > Feedback and forms and scroll to "Export form information". Select the custom application question set you wish to export:


Alternately, you can check the box "Export all forms" to export all the forms in your account, along with their answers. (Note that this CSV export will include other types of forms in your account, not just those associated with custom application questions.)

Adding social media links to your company's job application

Want to ask candidates for their LinkedIn profile URLs? Need a place for creative applicants to share their professional portfolios? Super admins and admins can add a link question to their organization's application page. Remember that these link questions are universal, and will show up on the application form for every single job posting.

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