How do I configure and use Lever's First Advantage Integration?

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As an official First Advantage partner, Lever makes it easy for you to initiate a First Advantage background check package for candidates directly within Lever!

At a high level, the Lever-First Advantage integration will initiate a Background Check order in First Advantage when a candidate is moved to the Trigger Stage in Lever. Overriding a default First Advantage package is supported. Upon stage change to the Trigger Stage, Lever will send candidate details to First Advantage and First Advantage will send an email to the candidate to complete the background check. The status of the background check order will be captured in Lever as tags as the check proceeds. Once the background check is completed, Lever will update the candidate profile with a First Advantage-gated link to the background check report and can optionally move the candidate to another stage in Lever.



The First Advantage integration requires setup by both the First Advantage team as well as Lever.

Step 1. First Advantage Account ID: In order to set up the integration, you will need to reach out to your First Advantage account manager to request the Lever-First Advantage integration. Your account manager will then provide you with your First Advantage account ID.

Step 2. Enable the integration in Lever: After you have obtained your First Advantage Account ID, log into your Lever Hire account and navigate to Settings -> Integrations then click to enable the "First Advantage" toggle. You will be prompted to send a request to Lever to enable the integration.

Step 3. This will send a message for Lever’s support team to reach out to you for the following information:

  • First Advantage Account ID: Lever needs the Account ID of your First Advantage account to configure the integration. 
  • Trigger Stage: The pipeline stage in Lever that automatically triggers the First Advantage background check package. (e.g., Background Check).
  • Default Package (Optional): The package that you want to run automatically when a candidate is advanced to the trigger stage. If a First Advantage package name is specified as a tag on the candidate profile, Lever will run that specific package, overriding the default package.
  • Stage on Completion (Optional): The pipeline stage that you want the candidate to automatically advance to when the First Advantage background check is completed.

Step 4. Once you have sent Lever this information, the appropriate API key and webhook settings will be configured in your Lever account and the toggle status of the integration will change from orange to green:

Creating a First Advantage Order from Lever

Once you’ve completed setup, any candidate that is advanced to your trigger stage will be sent an email from First Advantage to complete the background check. Lever will send candidate details including candidate name, candidate email address, Lever candidate ID, and the Lever user's email address who ordered the background check to First Advantage. In the example below, the default First Advantage package will be ordered for the candidate. The First Advantage order is initiated from Lever when the candidate is moved to the "Background Check" stage.


The candidate will receive an email invitation from First Advantage to complete the background check. You can also see the background check order and status in the First Advantage dashboard:


As the candidate begins to take action to complete the background check, a tag prefixed with "fadv - " will be added to the candidate's profile in Lever Hire to show the order status.


Below is a list of possible First Advantage status tags that could be displayed on the candidate profile. Only one status tag will be displayed at any given time.

 First Advantage Status  Lever Tag
 Not Started  fadv - Not Started
 Started   fadv - Started
 In Progress  fadv - InProgress
 Consent Rejected  fadv - Consent Rejected
 Completed  fadv - Completed


When the detailed background check is complete, the integration will add a new status "fadv - Completed" as well as a gated First Advantage link to results to the candidate profile as shown in the below screenshot. You will need to login to First Advantage to view the results of the background check.


If the optional Stage on Completion was configured, the candidate will be moved to that stage upon completing the background check.

Overriding your Default Package

During setup, you have the option to provide a default package to send to all candidates that reach the trigger stage. However, you can also run different packages for different roles and candidates! In order to override the default package (or select a package if you did not provide a default package), simply add a tag with the name of the package to the candidate's profile before advancing them to the Trigger Stage!


Configuring a Background Check by Posting

Instead of manually tagging each candidate with the name of a specific background check, your users can automatically tag candidates on a posting-by-posting basis at the time they apply. By adding the name of your background check as a tag on the posting itself, each candidate who applies to that posting will automatically be assigned a profile tag with the name of the desired background check package.


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