Enabling and using the First Advantage integration

Available for User roles Limited Team Members and above; can only be configured by Super Admins
Packages All Lever Packages (excl. Starter package)

Lever's integration with First Advantage allows you to automatically initiate a background check order when you advance candidates past a specific point in your pipeline. This integration is designed to streamline the background check process by consolidating the collection of candidate background information across both platforms. Readers of this article will learn about:

Enabling the First Advantage integration


The following setup steps can only be completed by users with Super Admin access in Lever.

Step 1: Retrieve your First Advantage Account ID

Notify your First Advantage account manager that you would like to enable the integration with Lever. Once your First Advantage team has tested the integration in your First Advantage sandbox environment, your account manager will provide you with your First Advantage Account ID.


Note that sandbox testing is subject to First Advantage's service timelines and can take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Step 2: Request to enable the integration in Lever

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the Background and reference checks section, and click the First Advantage toggle.
  • Click the Send Request to Enable button. A Lever representative will be notified for your request and will reach out to you via email to request the following information:
    • First Advantage Account ID
    • Trigger stage: The pipeline stage at which a First Advantage background check order will be initiated for a candidate.
    • Default package (optional): The First Advantage background package that is run by default when a candidate's opportunity is advanced to the trigger stage. If left undefined, a tag will need to be added to the opportunity in Lever to specify which First Advantage package to run before it is advanced to the trigger stage.
    • Stage on completion (optional): The pipeline stage a candidate's opportunity will be automatically advanced to upon completion of the First Advantage background check. If left undefined, candidate opportunities must be advanced manually upon completion of the background check.

First Advantage toggle in Lever Settings with arrow pointing to Send Request to Enable button on expanded tile.

  • The Lever representative will use the information you provided to configured the API key and webhook settings necessary to configure the integration. Once they have enabled the integration, the First Advantage toggle will turn green to indicate that it is active.

Using the First Advantage integration

This section outlines how a First Advantage background order is created via the integration with Lever, as well as how to override a default package and how to associated postings in Lever with specific First Advantage background check packages.

Creating a First Advantage background check order from Lever

When a candidate's opportunity is advanced to the trigger stage in your Lever pipeline (defined during setup), the candidate's name, email address, Lever ID, and the email address of the Lever user ordering the background check will be passed from Lever to First Advantage. Simultaneously, the candidate will automatically be sent an email from First Advantage prompting them to complete a background check. In the image below, the 'Background Check' stage has been defined as the trigger stage, and the candidate associated with this opportunity will receive a prompt to complete a First Advantage background check.

Close up opportunity profile with stage field circled.

The background check order and status will also appear on your dashboard in First Advantage.

First Advantage dashboard

A tag will appear on the opportunity profile in Lever reflecting the status of the background check order as it appears in First Advantage. The tag will read "fadv -" followed by the status of the background check order as it appears in First Advantage. Note that only one status tag will be displayed at any given time.

Close up opportunity profile with fadv - Not Started tag circled.

When the background check is complete, a gated link to the results of the background check will be added to the opportunity profile in Lever. Click the link to log in to First Advantage where you can view the results.

Close up opportunity profile with arrow pointing to link to First Advantage background results in links section. Tag on opportunity reads fadv- Results ready.

If a stage on completion was defined during setup, the opportunity will be advanced to that stage in the pipeline when the background check is completed.

Overriding the default package

During integration setup, you may have defined a default background check package to be administered for all opportunities that reach the trigger stage. If you would like to administer a First Advantage background check package other than the default package, you can do so by adding a tag to the opportunity profile with the name of the specific package you wish to administer before advancing the opportunity to the trigger stage.

Close upp opportunity profile with tag reading Standard Crimimal Package circled.

For example, in the image above, the candidate would receive the 'Standard Criminal Package' from First Advantage instead of the default package.

Associating job postings with specific background check packages

If you wish to administer a specific background package to all candidates in consideration for a certain posting, add a tag with the name of the package to the posting in Lever. All opportunities associated with the posting after you have added the tag will have that tag added to the opportunity profile, removing the need for you to manually add the tag to the opportunity profile before advancing it to the trigger stage.

Posting editor with tag reading Standard Criminal Package circled.

For example, in the image above, all opportunities associated with the Marketing Analyst posting will have the 'Standard Criminal Package' tag added moving forward. Note that adding tags to postings does not work retroactively, meaning opportunities associated with the posting before the tag was added will not have the tag added to their profile.

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