How do I track internal candidates in Lever?

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On the candidate dashboard, internal candidates — candidate profiles where Origin is equal to Internal’ — will appear with a special blue ‘badge’ so you can easily identify them and make sure you treat them as employees, not external candidates.


You’ll also now see an ‘Internal’ origin in all of the places where candidate origin is a filter (reports, dashboards, drop-downs, etc.)

On an internal profile, the ‘Origin’ will be blue, to clearly indicate that this is an internal candidate. For internal applications submitted from the internal job site, the candidate profile will automatically be linked to the user who submitted the application, thus preventing them from seeing their own profile.


If you email the candidate from within Lever, we'll also display a banner within the email editor to let you know youre about to email an internal candidate, thereby ensuring you communicate with them appropriately: 


Please note: Some accounts have been handling internal candidates by locating a hired profile, unarchiving it, and adding the new job that the employee is being considered for. With the introduction of internal mobility, you should no longer create new internal candidates by unarchiving an existing hired profile. If you wish to manually create a new profile for an internal candidate, you can simply create a new profile and change the Origin to Internal.

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