How do I disable and re-enable my internal job site?

Available for User roles Super Admins
Plans All plan types, free of charge

Please note: These changes are being gradually rolled out and will be available in your account in the coming weeks.

Disabling your Internal Job Site

Super Admins can disable the internal job site from the Job site settings page. Simply locate the “Edit” link next to the Internal job site URL. 


In the modal that appears, click the button to “Disable Job Site.”


When the internal job site is disabled, your employees will not be able to view or apply to any internal postings on your internal job site. Any links to your internal job site will be hidden and deactivated. However, you will still have the ability to create and configure internal job postings as well as manually create internal candidate profiles.

Tip: If you’d like to fully configure which roles will be posted on your internal job site before accepting any internal applications, disable your site during this setup process. While your internal job site is disabled, your team will not be able to access or apply to any internal postings.

Once the internal job site has been disabled, you will see banners in various areas of the Jobs section of Lever indicating that any job postings that are configured to display on the internal job site will not actually be viewable.





Enabling your Internal Job Site

When you are ready to enable your internal job site, visit your Job site settings and select the “Edit” link. 


In the modal that appears, click the button to “Enable Job Site.”


All postings configured to be distributed on the internal job site will be displayed, and all links to the site will be reactivated. As soon as you have enabled your internal job site, any member of your team with a Lever account may apply to your internal postings.

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