How do I create an internal job site with Lever?

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Creating Internal Job Postings

When creating a posting, you’ll now see options to post a job to your external job site, internal job site, or to keep the job unlisted.

Please note: If your account has disabled job posting approvals, you will also see a fourth checkbox, to “Keep as draft.” You can select both of the Internal and External checkboxes if you want to have a single job posting appear on both your internal and external job sites.


If you’d like to edit the distribution of an existing job posting, simply open the job posting and click the status dropdown. Make your selections, click “Update Job Posting Status” and then make sure to click “Save Changes.”


Jobs Page Filter

When the Internal Mobility feature is enabled in your account, all postings previously categorized as ‘Published’ will be posted to both the ‘External’ job site and the ‘Internal’ job site (like in the above selection).

Example: In the screenshots below, you can see that there used to be 221 “published” jobs (i.e., jobs displayed on the external job site). With internal mobility enabled, those 221 jobs will now be displayed on both your external and internal job sites.

Similarly, any postings previously categorized as ‘Internal’ will become ‘Unlisted.’ Unlisted postings will have the exact same characteristics: (1) they will not appear on any job sites, but can be added to candidate via referral form, chrome extension, and profile, and (2) they are accessible via the direct URL.

Continuing with this example, In the screenshot below, you see there used to be 77 “Internal” jobs. With internal mobility, those 77 jobs are now categorized as “Unlisted” jobs.


Navigating to the Internal Job Site

We’ve added links to the Internal Job Site in a few places throughout the app. From the Jobs page, users can click “View job site…” and select to open the external or internal job site.

Similarly, anyone with an Interviewer access role can click “View job site…” from the Interviews page and select to open the external or internal job site.

Applying from the Internal Job Site

Once an employee navigates to the internal job site, they’ll need to authenticate into Lever. If an authentication cookie is detected (i.e. if they’re logged-in in their browser), we’ll automatically let them in. Otherwise, they’ll see this page:


If your account is on GSuite or O365 and a employee tries to access the internal job site but does not have an existing Lever user account, we will create one for them at the Interviewer access level.

Once authenticated, the employee will see the internal job site, which contains all of the postings that were marked ‘Internal’ or ‘Internal & External’. Note that the internal job site is essentially identical to your external job site — same posting descriptions, same custom questions. The main differences are:

  1. Copy indicating it is your company’s internal job site at the top of page
  2. An ‘Internal Only’ badge next to job postings that are only published on the internal job site
  3. The ‘Apply Now’ button is replaced by a ‘Learn More’ button
  4. The Posting Owner & Hiring Manager for each job posting are displayed above the job description



When filling out an application, employees will not be able to edit their email address — this ensures we can always link the applications to the correct user (more to come on this later).
We will also auto-fill the name and company fields

Merging Profiles

When an employee submits an application via the internal job site, one of the following will happen:

  1. If the employee does not have an existing internal profile, we will automatically create a new profile with Origin set to Internal. We will not merge the application into any existing hired profiles.
  2. If the employee already has an existing internal profile, we will simply add the application into the “job” section of their existing internal profile.

While an employee is actively being considered for an internal job, it’s possible that they may have two separate profiles — a hired profile for their current role, and an internal profile. Upon archiving the internal profile, you may want to merge it into an existing hired profile. Note that Lever will not do this merging automatically.

Please note: Some accounts have been handling internal candidates by locating a hired profile, unarchiving it, and adding the new job that the employee is being considered for. With the introduction of internal mobility, you should no longer create new internal candidates by unarchiving an existing hired profile. If you wish to manually create a new profile for an internal candidate, you can simply create a new profile and change the Origin to Internal.

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